How to Seed and Dice a Tomato

Slice Bottom Off
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    Why Seed a Tomato?

    When a recipe calls for seeding a tomato, it is all about texture. Whether it is a gazpacho, creamy tomato soup, or even your grandmother's marinara, the seeds may add an unpleasant bite. Seeding is also often used when making something with raw chopped tomato like bruschetta or salsa. Here is a simple technique to make seeding quick and easy and dicing a breeze.

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    Slice Off Bottom

    Slice Bottom Off
    The Spruce

    Place the tomato on a cutting board and turn the tomato upside down. Slice a paper-thin piece off of the bottom. This makes the bottom of the tomato flat so it doesn't roll away.

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    Place Tomato Upright

    Upright Tomato
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    Turn your tomato over (stem side up) and ​set it on the flat side you just sliced.

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    Slice a "Petal" Off of Tomato

    Slice tomato
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    The technique here is to cut away pieces of the tomato so you are left with a center full of seeds. First, angle the knife blade away from the stem, where the tomato starts to curve downward. Slice downward in a "C" shape, following the curve of the tomato, to cut the flesh away from the seeds. You are left with something that looks like a flower petal.

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    Cut "Petals" Until All Flesh Is Removed

    Tomato petals
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    Continue these "C-shaped" slices until all the flesh has been removed from the ball of seeds in the middle. The flesh you cut off should resemble flower petals.

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    Discard Seeds and Prep Tomato for Dicing

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    Discard the seed ball. If there are remaining seeds or white areas on the tomato petals, use your knife to scrape them off and discard.

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    Flatten a Petal

    Flat tomato petal
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    Now it is time to start dicing. Working with one petal at a time, use your fingers to gently push down the petal to flatten it somewhat.

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    Slice Petal Lengthwise

    Slice Tomato Lengthwise
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    Using your knife, cut 1/2-inch slices lengthwise, making strips.

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    Slice Petal Strips Crosswise

    Slice across strips
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    Hold the strips together and slice across them every 1/2 inch. Place finished diced tomatoes in a bowl.

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    Dice Remaining Petals

    Diced Tomatoes
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    Repeat steps 7, 8, and 9 with each tomato petal. You now have a whole diced tomato.