Summer Shabbos Lunch Menu and Recipes

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Summer Shabbos Lunch Menu and Recipes:

Shabbos is long during the summer months, so inviting guests for Shabbat lunch is a nice way to spend the day. Given the hot weather, the dishes should be lite. Given that your guests are likely to have different dietary constraints and tastes, you'll want to serve a variety of dishes. And since you don't want to spend too many hours in the kitchen during the summer, recipes should be easy and quick to prepare.

Challah with Egg Salad, Tuna Fish, Hummus and other salads:

Egg salad, tuna fish and hummus make for the perfect first course, especially when served with homemade challah. If you are pressed for time, then you could buy your challot and hummus and just prepare the egg salad and tuna fish yourself.


Preparing a variety of salads adds color to the table and a lite, summery touch to your meal. And leftovers of these salads can be enjoyed by your family all week.

Chicken Salad:

What to do with the left-over roast chicken from Friday night dinnert? Cut it up, add it to a salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber and humus sticks. Toss the salad with either balsamic honey or creamy garlic salad dressing. And you've created a healthy, delicious, lite Chicken Salad for Shabbos lunch.

Quick Easy Meat Pie:

This quick and easy Meat Pie is simple enough to prepare with your kids.

Simply saute onions, brown ground beef, mix with frozen vegetables and Marinara sauce, and then bake in puff pastry dough. It is the perfect dish to serve for Shabbos lunch when you have invited a crowd, especially when the guests include lots of children and teens. If there is any meat pie leftover after Saturday lunch, it will get eaten for sure on Sunday.

Pargiot - Boneless Chicken Thighs:

Whenever boneless chicken thighs (called Pargiot in Hebrew) go on sale, we buy, marinate and grill or cook them. Boneless chicken thighs are a tender, moist cut of chicken, and this marinade packs the meat with great flavor. Enjoy these Marinated Pargiot during the summer months because they are a delicious and lite source of protein.

Tofu Rice Stir-Fry:

If you have vegetarian guests for Shabbos dinner, this Tofu Rice Stir-Fry is the perfect dish to serve. With tofu, egg, rice and vegetables, it can meet all their meal needs. Like many stir-fry recipes, there are a few steps to the recipe, but none of them are very taxing. And if you use frozen vegetables rather than fresh, then there is less to chop. Be sure to make plenty of it because I've noticed that meat eaters at my Shabbat dinner table also like to take some as a side to their chicken.


I double my torte recipe and top each one with a different fruit. My guests think I worked hard, but both tortes together take me just 10-15 minutes to prepare. This pareve, fruity dessert is a perfect ending to a festive summer Shabbos meal.