Even Those Who Hate Cooking Will Fall in Love With This Miniature Kitchen Tool

This single egg pan is an every day staple in my apartment

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Single Egg Pan

The Spruce Eats / Vicki Denig

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Although the majority of early 30-somethings have picked up some sort of affinity for cooking, I, personally, have not. As a wine professional, this may come as a surprise, seeing as food and beverage often go hand in hand. While I love a good meal just as much as the next person, simply put, I just don’t enjoy the act of preparing one at home.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I definitely don’t eat out (or order in) for every meal—in fact, I hardly do the latter whatsoever. On the contrary, my meal prep style is largely based on the art of assembly—that is, piecing together homemade salads, sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, and so forth. With regards to appliances and kitchen tools, my toaster gets its fair share of use, as does my microwave. Though when it comes to the stovetop, there’s only room for one appliance in my kitchen. 

Sun Terriory One Egg Frying Pan



What We Like
  • Small, easy to store

  • Easy to clean

  • Affordable

What We Don't Like
  • Limited to cooking only small/singular items

Enter the single-egg pan, one of the most useful and easy-to-store kitchen items for preparing simple and delicious jolts of protein all day long. This tiny kitchen appliance has become a staple in my apartment, and for a number of good reasons. First and foremost, as a vegetarian, eggs have long been one of my go-to sources of protein. No matter which preparation style—be it fried, scrambled, or over easy—I’ll rarely ever say no to a tasty egg. When I found a pan dedicated to one, it seemed like a perfect fit.

Single Egg Pan

Vicki Denig

And on the topic of fit, the pan’s size is key. With regards to overall surface area, the single-egg pan is ideal for small living spaces. As those who reside in New York (or other big cities) know, the average per-person real estate footage here is pretty low. Similar to many, my kitchen space is quite tiny, so adding new appliances / equipment requires some serious thought—especially if they’re going to occupy a good deal of space. The single-egg pan is more petite than even most standard-size plates, meaning that storing it is easier than ever. This is hugely beneficial for those living in small spaces. 

Enter the single-egg pan, one of the most useful and easy-to-store kitchen items for preparing simple and delicious jolts of protein all day long.

Additionally, the single-egg pan’s small size also makes it super easy to clean. While the majority of dirty pans won’t fit in the average apartment sink, the single-egg pan can be tossed in, no problem. Unlike larger pots and pans, maneuvering the single-egg pan around in the sink to handwash is also incredibly easy. While this may not be a selling point for some, I definitely know a few people whose disdain for doing dishes would deem this a major win.

Vicki Denig with Single Egg Pan

Vicki Denig

Lastly, as someone who doesn’t cook often, it goes without saying that I’m not particularly good at it. The small size of the single-egg pan—and therefore, its ease of use—has allowed me to play around with how I prepare each single egg. Sometimes I add cheese directly into the egg; other times I warm half an English muffin over the top of it while it finishes sizzling. While I used to whisk the egg in a bowl prior to dumping it into a pan, I now often crack the egg into the single-egg vessel and cook it directly in the pan, as its small surface area allows me to swirl the contents around while keeping the final product’s shape intact.

Between storage, ease, and versatility of use, the single-egg pan has become one of my favorite kitchen items to date. While these selling points are pretty unique to a certain person—that is, someone who lives alone, in a small space, and doesn’t prepare meat or fish at home—I assure you that even a meat-loving carnivore with a plethora of home space will fall in love with the facility and ease of this individual kitchen appliance.

Single Egg Pan

Vicki Denig

Size: 8 x 2.9 x 1.1 inches | Weight: 6.7 ounces | Material: Iron | Color: Black

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