The Best Knife for Slicing Bread

Cutting Sourdough
Guillermo Murcia/Getty Images

The best thing next to sliced bread is a great knife to slice your own with. Sliced bread has been around since 1928 as a means of convenience. However, there's always room for slicing your own homemade bread at home. Many stores use a bread machine to slice their bread with, but you don't need that. Although you can slice fresh bread with any sharp kitchen knife, certain knife qualities can render clean and effortless bread slices.

Shopping for the Best Bread Knife

Getting smooth crumbed bread with perfect edges comes down to having the right knife. An electric knife, in particular, can go a long way in helping you cut slices that are even, but a serrated knife can work, too. When shopping, you should look for certain qualities in your knife, like the following:

  • The knife must be very sharp to prevent bread shredding.
  • The length of the blade should be adequate and no shorter than 7 inches in length. The longer the blade, the better. In fact, a 9 inches or longer knife blade is best for large homemade loaves.
  • A serrated knife is a great choice. It delivers a clean, effortless slice. Ones with a plain blade point are designed especially for bread slicing as well.

Brands like the Global Bread Knife, Lion Sabatier, and Kitchens Devils are all examples of knives that are great for slicing bread. Choosing the right knife comes down to safety, comfort, and control.

Simply use a sawing motion to cut your bread with ease and precision. You also want to turn the bread on its side for the best results.

Bread Slicing Preferences

Some people prefer to slice bread with a long serrated knife that is not designed with a forked end. This type of knife is best for slicing tomatoes, where the forked end can be utilized to pick up the slices.

When slicing bread, the forked end can actually shred the bread as it slices through, resulting in messy bread slices.

Bread knives that come in a variety of blade lengths and serrated edges can be extremely sharp. Make sure to be cautious when handling and storing knives.

Electric and Serrated Knives

Electric knives allow you to carve meat and slice bread easily. While you may not want to cross-contaminate your food knife with other projects, electric knives can also be used for arts and crafts to cut an array of materials. An electric knife with stainless steel blades is often manufactured secure with an on-and-off type trigger.

Serrated knives are more traditional and are commonly used for foods that are hard on the outside and chewy on the inside. Their scalloped and tooth-like edges are used often for loaves and crusty bread, like a saw but for the kitchen. In addition to bread, these types of knives can be used for slicing whole citrus fruits, baked phyllo dough, and layered cake.