7 Small Ways An Organized Kitchen Will Improve Your Daily Life

A Clean House Sparks Joy

clean organized kitchen featuring The Spruce and Lowe's organization line

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Marie Kondo knew what she was talking about when she built her empire around the simple truth: A clean house sparks joy. And no other room benefits more from order than a home’s bustling hub: the kitchen. It’s why restaurant kitchens are notoriously meticulous about their set up. Little food or money gets wasted and dishes come out at just the right temperature. Read ahead to find out why you should spend the next weekend organizing this all-important part of your home.

Save Time

How much time have you spent looking for a certain ingredient or (gah!) the meat thermometer? You could probably whip up tonight’s dinner with those extra minutes. Or pay your taxes. Or give yourself a facial. You get the idea. To avoid wasting more time, establish a place for items. Go through your drawers—this doesn’t all have to be done in the same day, you can break it in small chunks—and donate or toss things you don't want or need. Then, invest in the right organization tools, such as drawer organizers, turntables, and risers to create a system. Spending this time upfront will win you back hours in the long run. Plus, an organized kitchen will make grocery shopping, unpacking, and meal planning so much quicker. 

Cut Down on Stress

No one wants to cook in a disorganized and messy kitchen. You end up spending most of your energy cleaning dishes and counters, then speed through the meal preparation. That’s no fun. Think of how much more you would enjoy the cooking process by creating your meals in a calm, clutter-free space. 

Step Up Productivity

On those evenings when you’ve worked late and everyone is starving, it’s easy to whip up a meal quickly when you know where everything is and aren’t rifling through a cabinet to find that jar of nutmeg. An organized kitchen helps you be efficient.

Free Up Storage

When’s the last time you used your ice cream maker? Or have you checked the expiration date on the cans of beans and soups sitting on the shelves? By giving your cabinets and pantry a good look, you can eliminate waste and free up valuable space. Having fewer items in your cabinet that are actually visible is way more functional (and likely to get used) than in an overcrowded space.

Avoid Doubling Up at the Grocery Store

The main reason chefs and professional organizers love decanting ingredients into clear jars or containers—besides how much prettier they look on your shelves—is to be able to see how much of an ingredient you have available. That way you aren’t questioning whether or not you need more oatmeal the next time you’re food shopping.

Save Money and Cut Down on Food Waste

It’s so guilt-inducing to find that limp broccoli sitting in the back of your crisper or the leftovers that were hidden behind the watermelon in your fridge. With an organized space you can see—and use!—the items you have on hand and thus cut down on the waste.

Invite People Over Without a Cleaning Marathon

Remember having friends over? When you did, everyone liked hanging out in the kitchen, especially gathering around the island. But if your kitchen is overflowing with clutter the thought of cleaning it right before guests come over can be overwhelming. Having an organized space will make wiping down counters and putting odds and ends away easier. Prep for the future.