Smoke Signals: A BBQ Magazine

Whether you want to learn how to simply grill some burgers or get better at smoking for friends and family on the holidays, this meaty magazine is for die-hard BBQ enthusiasts. Since 2009, Smoke Signals Magazine has been a publication dedicated to outdoor cooking and entertaining. Each issue featured interviews with celebrity chefs, recipes and articles about tailgating, and other topics like camping, BBQ, and grilling. Above all things, Smoke Signals is a BBQ Brethren publication focusing on the world's largest association of BBQ enthusiasts. With a site receiving millions of hits per month, registered members are amongst elite cookbook authors, winners of high-class cook-off competitions, and more. The magazine is released on a bi-monthly basis and can be found online at

A Professional BBQ Magazine

Issues rolled out focus on holiday meals like smoke-fried turkey, smoked cheese, and holiday sausage, along with general seasonal tips like BBQ 101 for the summer and specialties like pepper stout beef. Issues like Issue #3, for example, featured an interview with Chef Chris Cosentino along with topics like Camping at Disney, Chili Champ Cindy Wilkins, and Lost Finale Parties. There are even ways to win VIP tickets to concerts like a meet and greet with famous country star Keith Urban.

The magazine also provides gift suggestions, reviews, and supportive community events. Surprisingly, the magazine is completely free and entirely volunteer driven by generous writers and photographers. With over 20 issues provided, there's an endless supply of things to learn about when it comes to meat preparation and cooking, artisans in the culinary field, and great organizations like Operation BBQ Relief, which is a charity program that cooks thousands of meals when people have lost their homes and possessions.

The BBQ Brethren

Smoke Signals is a part of The BBQ Brethren, an online community forum with the catchphrase "From the backyard to the American Royal." Its logo is an angry pig with smoke coming out of its face and fire looming behind. Next to it reads, "Fear the pig!" The online BBQ community is dedicated to "the teaching, promoting, and growth of the art of BBQ." Their mission is to reach both the backyard enthusiast and the seasoned veteran. Active since 2005, the community is run by several moderators to manage conversations led by thousands of online users. Threads include descriptions and pictures of BBQ meals like brisket and wings, hearty tacos, smoked meatloaf, and more. There are also threads where users show their BBQ area and smokers and exchange peer reviews. 

On the site, you will also find community polls for users to vote on. For example, one poll reads, "At what point is it too cold to cook outdoors?" Answers are noted in Fahrenheit from -10 to 50, with one exceptional answer being, "God didn't make a temperature low enough for me to not cook outdoors." Naturally, the latter had the most votes.

To get involved, visit The BBQ Brethren website or the Smoke Signals Facebook community. There, you will be able to see the latest issue, get updates on all things BBQ, and check out upcoming events.