10 Snappy Ginger Beer Cocktails

Go Beyond the Moscow Mule

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From the Moscow mule to the dark and stormy, ginger beer is used to make some amazing mixed drinks. Ginger beer cocktails have an invigorating, snappy flavor with a touch of spice that is sure to tantalize anyone's taste buds.

This non-alcoholic drink mixer is a fantastic addition to any bar. It can be paired with a variety of flavors and works with nearly any liquor, from vodka and rum to whiskey and tequila. 

There are many ginger beer options available as well. Some are spicier than others and you can even create your own ginger beer mimic at home. No matter which you choose, use these tasty recipes to start your ginger beer journey.

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    Moscow Mule

    Moscow Mule

    The Spruce

    The first ginger beer cocktail that everyone should try is the Moscow mule. This is the drink that has brought the spicy brew back into the spotlight and it's the best recipe for exploring the range of ginger beers on the market.

    Incredibly easy, the recipe simply requires vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer. If your bartender has been mixing this one up with ginger ale, you're missing out on the true taste of this drink! 

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    Dark and Stormy

    Dark and Stormy Cocktail
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    The other essential ginger beer drink is the equally popular dark and stormy. This recipe is for drinkers who prefer rum and you're sure to fall for it on the first sip.

    To make an authentic dark and stormy, you will need to mix Gosling's Black Seal Rum with Barritt's Ginger Beer. However, any brand of either ingredient will do. The lime juice is optional but worth trying as you explore the possibilities of this drink.

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    Añejo Highball

    Dale DeGroff's Anejo Highball Cocktail
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    A modern classic, the añejo highball amplifies everything that's great about the dark and stormy. It's the ultimate summertime cocktail and a recipe you'll be returning to time after time.

    In this drink, you'll pour an aged rum along with orange curaçao and lime juice. Add bitters and top it off with an impressive ginger beer like that from Q Drinks, and a fine highball is yours to enjoy.

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    Gin Gin Mule

    Gin Gin Mule
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    Equally popular, the gin gin mule was also influenced by classic cocktails, but it was designed with today's drinker in mind. It's a bit of a twist between a Moscow mule and a mojito, though gin is the liquor of choice here.

    You will be surprised how well the sweet lime and mint base plays off the botanicals of a great gin and the spice of ginger beer. This drink is a flavor sensation that is as simple as any other to mix up.

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    Irish Ale

    Irish Ale Cocktail
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    If whiskey is more your speed, the Irish ale is the drink for you. Similar to the others, this refreshing tall drink is a fantastic way to enjoy that Irish whiskey in your bar.

    Anyone can mix up this recipe because it only requires Irish whiskey, a lime, and ginger beer. In minutes, you'll have an ice-cold beverage and be relaxing on the patio. It can easily become your new everyday drink!

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    El Diablo

    El Diablo Cocktail
    S&C Design Studios

    Tequila is on the menu this time around and el diablo is a cocktail you won't want to miss. It's a fun drink to mix up and, if you want, can even be made with an extra visual pizzazz.

    This recipe uses the same lime juice and ginger beer accents as the other drinks, but it adds a new flavor. Along with a ​reposado tequila, you'll pour the crème de cassis to give the drink a wonderful fruity sweetness.

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    Christi Extreme

    Christi Extreme Cocktail
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    The beauty of exploring ginger beer cocktails is that most have a few ingredients in common. This allows you to give the base a new flavor profile with a few simple additions. That's what happens in the Christi extreme.

    The recipe uses a top-shelf vodka and ginger beer with a lime. Building on that mule base, you'll add lingonberry syrup and grapefruit juice. It's fun and a drink to mix up when you want to impress with an unusual taste.

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    Broad Stripes and Bright Stars

    Lucid Absinthe's Broad Stripes and Bright Stars Cocktail
    S&C Design Studios

    When you're ready for a real drink adventure, mix up the very interesting broad stripes and bright stars cocktail. It is nothing short of extraordinary and filled with an array of intriguing flavors.

    The drink begins with a blueberry vodka and absinthe base. The flavors build up from there, with fresh blueberries, raspberry, lemon, and simple syrup. Ginger beer marries all of that into one unforgettable drink.

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    Skeleton Key

    Skeleton Key Cocktail - Halloween Party Drinks
    Travis Fourmont

    Designed for Halloween, the skeleton key is a fascinating bourbon cocktail that can work just as well any day of the year. At first, it seems normal, but there's a bloody twist you can't help but appreciate.

    Whiskey, St. Germain, and lemon form the drink's foundation. Top that with your favorite ginger beer—Fever Tree makes an excellent one for cocktails—and then douse it with more bitters than you've poured in your life. It's strange, but it really does work!

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    Christmas Mule

    Christmas Mule, A Hot Cocktail of Pear Vodka and Ginger Beer
    S&C Design Studios

    Enough with all the cold drinks! Warming up your ginger beer is the last thing you need to try on your adventure with this mixer. Under heat, the spice comes alive and creates a beverage that is as comforting as any other hot cocktail.

    The Christmas mule is an ideal way to experience this. It complements the steaming ginger beer quite simply with pear vodka. A cinnamon stick adds another layer of flavor, creating a cocktail that will get you through the coldest nights of the year.