12 Snappy Ginger Liqueur Cocktails

Ginger Martini cocktail

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Ginger liqueur brings a semi-sweet, slightly spicy flavor to cocktails. It can be used in various recipes, featuring everything from whiskey to gin and vodka to rum.

Though ginger liqueur and ginger brandy have been around for a very long time, they are back in the spotlight. This spirit category has seen a revival thanks to a handful of brands that have sparked interest in older drink recipes, and it's regularly included in modern cocktails.

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    Hot Ginger Toddy

    Kilbeggan Ginger Toddy

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    Ginger liqueurs are useful year-round. When you start to feel a chill in the air, it's time for a hot ginger toddy. You'll love how that sweetened ginger spice plays off a warm and comforting mix of bourbon, honey, and lemon.

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    Ginger Martini

    Ginger Martini cocktail

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    For the purest ginger flavor, turn to the ginger martini. This simple little drink requires just three ingredients—vodka, ginger liqueur, and lemon juice—and celebrates ginger in all its glory. It is the ideal venue to try out any new ginger liqueur you come across.

    What Is Ginger Liqueur?

    Ginger liqueurs can be made with any variety of ginger. They often use brandy for the base, though rum and neutral spirits are used as well. Some brands include herbs and other flavorings to create a unique and signature flavor. The taste of these liqueurs varies, though most showcase the snappy, semi-sweet spice of fresh ginger root. While there are a few well-known brands, such as Domaine de Canton and King's Ginger, it's also a popular flavor among craft distillers.

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    Gin and Ginger Martini

    Gin and Ginger Martini

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    The gin and ginger martini is a divinely simple cocktail that is nothing more than gin and ginger liqueur. The array of botanicals works surprisingly well, but it's not complete until you include the cucumber garnish.

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    Winter Cocktail

    Classic Winter Cocktail

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    The winter cocktail recipe comes from the early 1900s, and it is certainly not what we would think of as a "winter" libation today. Instead, the recipe is a tropical delight, filled with rum, citrus, sugar, pimento dram, and ginger liqueur. While it may have the style of a tropical drink, the mix is warm and comforting, so it really can work for any season.

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    Blood Martini

    Blood martini recipe

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    In the blood martini, ginger liqueur is shaken with citrus vodka, grape juice, and blackberry syrup. It's a simple drink with a spectacularly complex flavor that is sure to please.

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    Gold Rush

    Gold Rush Cocktail With Whiskey and Ginger Liqueur

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    ​For a taste of an old-fashioned drink, mix up the gold rush. This whiskey cocktail is an incredibly simple combination of bourbon whiskey, ginger liqueur, and fresh lemon juice. Add a touch of honey syrup to sweeten the mix when using a bolder bourbon or spicier ginger liqueur.

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    Apple Cider Martini

    Apple Cider Martini

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    This is no ordinary apple martini. It's an elegant, well-crafted, and simply perfect way to enjoy apple cider season in style. For the apple cider martini, you will need the best vodka you can buy. Add a good amount of apple cider, a touch of ginger liqueur, and a splash of velvet falernum, and you have the perfect dinner-worthy autumn cocktail.

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    Tuscan Pear

    Grey Goose Vodka's Tuscan Pear Cocktail Recipe
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    One of the more surprising flavor combinations, the Tuscan pear is a cocktail that everyone has to try. It's a glass filled with intriguing layers of flavor, including the crisp taste of pear vodka, sweet limoncello, and snappy ginger. Toss in a little orange juice, some fresh mint, and dried pears, and you have an awe-inspiring drink.

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    Georgia on My Mind

    Judy Bronson's Georgia On My Mind Cocktail
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    A fruity whiskey cocktail with a great ginger snap, the Georgia on my mind recipe is a pure delight. It pairs a nice bourbon and ginger liqueur with peach nectar, fresh basil, and celery bitters. Served on the rocks, it's a great summertime refreshment.

    Ginger Syrup as a Liqueur Substitute

    When you want to lighten up the alcohol content of your ginger cocktails, replace the ginger liqueur with ginger-infused syrup. It's easy to make at home and has a similar sweetness and ginger flavoring, but without the liquor base.

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    Manhattan Love Story

    Tuthilltown Spirits' Manhattan Love Story Cocktail Recipe

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    Ginger and whiskey are a natural pairing, and the Manhattan love story recipe showcases the duo wonderfully. This recipe accents a smooth whiskey with sake, ginger liqueur, and bitters. While simple, it's a perfect addition to your Manhattan repertoire.

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    Lei Maker

    Korbel Brandy's Lei Maker Cocktail
    Korbel Brandy

    Bring ginger into the world of tropical cocktails and mix up the fascinating lei maker. This cocktail is a bright mix of brandy, ginger liqueur, and pineapple juice that's finished with a light lemon-lime soda. It's an excellent option for an afternoon in the sun.

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    Dragon's Heart

    Ron Abuelo Rum's Dragon's Heart Cocktail
    Ron Abuelo Rum

    One of the more intriguing ginger liqueur cocktails, the dragon's heart is an adventure. This recipe mixes mezcal and aged rum with elderflower, ginger, blood orange, and fresh lime juice. The taste is indescribable and really needs to be experienced first hand.