Soup Equipment Essentials

Soup is simple—flavored liquid in a pot. Technically all you need is a heat-proof vessel and heat, but if you want to make soups that shine, see the handful of kitchen tools that will make it easier.

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    Large, Heavy Pots

    Enameled cast iron pot


    A good pot is the absolute number one key essential most important piece of equipment you need when making soup. While heavy pots are a drag to move around the kitchen, they are great when making soups. They hold heat, allow you to maintain steady simmers and gentle boils, and will keep soup warm for a nice long time.

    Any wide-mouth large, heavy pot works. Our favorite is an enameled cast iron pot from Le Creuset. The iron holds heat remarkably well while the enameled surface is non-reactive, smooth, and (bonus prize) comes is lovely colors.

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    A KitchenAid blender


    You need a good blender to make creamy or puréed soups. When you blend soups, do so in batches, let the blender run for 2 or 3 minutes for each batch (this will seem like a long time), and keep a kitchen towel over the lid to protect yourself from any heat-pressured created splatters.

    This blender has a wide base, which helps soups purée evenly quickly, and a good motor. Some blenders have many more speeds, but we've never found that more than a decent "on" and "off" were necessary.

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    Immersion Blenders/Hand Blenders

    A Cuisinart Smart Stick


    Immersion blenders/hand blenders are a quick and easy way to blend soups right in the pot.

    Note: Cordless immersion blenders may sound like a good idea, but they tend to lack power.

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    Soup Ladle

    OXO Good Grips brushed stainless steel ladle


    Sure, a teacup would work for serving soup, but a large soup ladle makes the job easier. Look for a ladle with a large scoop and a long handle.