Soup, Soup, Beautiful Soup

My Favorite Recipes and Some Breads, Too!

Quick Pumpkin Soup
Quick Pumpkin Soup. Linda Larsen

Soup is one of those miracle foods that we turn to when in need of comfort, warmth, and an easy meal too! Mimi Sheraton, in her wonderful book The Whole World Loves Chicken Soup, says "How can anyone resist the combination of love, strength, healthfulness, and celebration, all conveniently contained within a single bowl?"

And the recipe variety is endless. You can experiment with soup recipes as you can with no other food.

Use what you have on hand, try something different (leeks, anybody?), or make your mother's classic minestrone recipe. These recipes are really foolproof, and I have tried to cover the range of homemade stocks (freeze them!) to combining condensed soups for a quick treat. I even have a recipe for making your own condensed soup mix, so you can control fat and sodium as well. 

And what is soup without a hot, savory fresh bread as accompaniment? Bread may not seem like a Busy Cooks food, but there are some wonderful recipes that take hardly any time at all, and add immensely to your meals.

Quick breads, refrigerated bread doughs, and even the occasional scratch yeast bread recipe are all featured on the next page. Bread really has an undeserved reputation for being difficult and time-consuming. If you are puttering around the house, there is no better feeling than having bread rising and baking in your oven.

Most of the work in the recipe is accomplished by the bread itself - you just mix, form and let it rise and bake! And if you have a bread machine, it's even easier. Mix, set the machine, and come home to a fabulous aroma of baking bread. Browse through the following collection of soup and bread recipes, mix and match, and fill your own recipe box!

Feel free to experiment as much as you like with these recipes. Soup is meant to be changed! Also think about toppings for your wonderful soup. Crackers, popcorn, croutons, toasted bread, grated cheese, fresh herbs, sour cream, crisp crumbled bacon, toasted nuts, thin slices of lemon or lime, creme fraiche, and even toasted bread crumbs add a fabulous texture and contrast to your warm and soothing soup.

Quick and Easy Soup Recipes

Crockpot Soup and Stew Recipes

Unlike soup and other cooked foods, bread and other baked goods have precisely calibrated recipes. The first time you make a new bread recipe, follow the proportions and instructions carefully. These are some of my favorite quick and easy bread recipes that pair perfectly with soups and stews.

Seasonings and add-ins can be changed, of course, but keep the basic recipe the same. The recipes below include everything from make your own mixes to scratch yeast breads to bread machine marvels.

When you've had some practice, enjoy experimenting - your family will love it and your home will feel incredibly cozy, safe, and warm.

Quick Breads & Muffins

Refrigerated Dough Bread Recipes

Start With a Mix

Bread Machine Recipes

Yeast Breads