South Carolina Local Foods

Find Fresh Produce and Regional Specialties in the Palmetto State

Broad Street in Charleston, South Carolina
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South Carolina is home to great food. Fresh produce, seafood, all manner of cuts of pork, and a tradition of excellent hospitality and good eating makes Low Country cuisine something worth seeking out. Find sources and resources below to help you make the most of eating local in South Carolina. Do you have a favorite South Carolina local food or fabulous spot for buying local?

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    South Carolina Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

    Costoluto Genovese Tomatoes

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    South Carolina has a nice, long growing season and a delightfully wide range of fruits and vegetables are available much of the year. See what's in season when in South Carolina with this Guide to South Carolina Fresh Produce.

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    South Carolina Farmers Markets

    Beets and Carrots at Market

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    South Carolina has plenty of farmers markets, including a handful of state-run markets (and plans to open more). Find a farmers market near you in South Carolina with this Guide to South Carolina Farmers Markets.

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    South Carolina Specialties: Shrimp and Grits

    Shrimp and Grits

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    Shrimp and grits is served all over the Southeast, but has a special place in South Carolina cuisine. Locals know it makes a killer breakfast. Try it yourself with this Charleston Shrimp and Grits Recipe.

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    South Carolina Specialties: "Magic Mustard" Barbecue Sauce

    South Carolina barbecue is tangy with vinegar and mustard (no ketchup or tomatoes, thank you very much). Give any barbecued or grilled item a taste of South Carolina with this South Carolina Barbecue Sauce Recipe.

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    South Carolina Cooking Classes

    South Carolina has famously delicious food. Gain cooking confidence and learn about new techniques with a cooking class. The Guide to Southeast Travel has a great list of cooking and culinary classes in South Carolina.

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    South Carolina Local Foods Resources

    Certified South Carolina has tons of information about eating locally in the Palmetto State, as does the wonderfully named Palmettovore.