Spanish & Portuguese Dessert Recipes

Discover the best of Spanish and Portuguese sweets, like caramelized custards and flaky pastries.
Hawaiian Malasada
Pumpkin Flan
Pumpkin Flan
Tarta de Santiago
Tarta de Santiago (St. James' Cake)
Spanish flan with caramel sauce
16 Classic Spanish Desserts
Spanish Leche Frita Dessert
Spanish Leche Frita Dessert
Chocolate Turron
All About Turron, a Spanish Christmas Sweet
Mantecados: Traditional Spanish Crumble Cakes
Polvorones: Spanish Almond Cookies
Spanish Polvorones
Arroz doce
Creamy Portuguese Rice Pudding (Arroz Doce)
Alfajores cookies
Alfajores: Tasty South American Cookies
Crema Catalana
Authentic Crema Catalana
Spanish Cream-Filled Pastries
Miguelitos: Spanish Cream-Filled Pastry
Plaza de Espana, Astorga
Astorga Puff Pastries (Hojaldres De Astorga)
Spanish flan with caramel sauce
Easy Spanish Flan With Caramel Sauce
From above white plate with flan and spoon on the wooden background. Horizontal shoot.
How to Make Better Flan From a Box
Palmiers in a bowl
Palmeras de Hojaldre
Natillas de Leche (Spanish Custard)
Natillas de Leche (Spanish Custard)
Frixuelos with ice cream
Frixuelos de Asturias Recipe - Asturian Crepes
Easy Spanish Bread Pudding (Torrijas)
Spanish Ponche Segoviano
Ponche Segoviano
Ground coffee and beans
Café Canario or Café Bombón
Orange flan recipe
Flan de Naranja: Orange Flan
Roscon de Reyes or Twelfth Night Bread.
Spanish Twelfth Night Bread (Roscon de Reyes)
Bunuelos de viento recipe
Buñuelos de Viento: "Light-as-Air Fritters"
Easy egg custard recipe
Spanish Pastry Cream: Easy Egg Custard
Spanish fruit salad recipe
Spanish Macedonia Tropical Fruit Salad
Spanish Rice Pudding (Arroz Con Leche)
Spanish Rice Pudding (Arroz Con Leche)
Chocolate and Almond Cake - Pastel de Chocolate y Almendras
Chocolate and Almond Cake - Pastel de Chocolate y Almendras
Pan de Calatrava
Calatrava Bread Pudding (Pan de Calatrava)
Chocolate Hazelnut Pies
The Best Spanish Chocolate Desserts
Easy chocolate turron recipe
Chocolate Turrón
Horchata with fartóns
Fartóns Recipe
Panellets - Catalan Almond Sweets
Close up of caramelized almonds
Spanish Caramelized Almonds (Almendras Caramelizadas)
Magdalenas: Spanish Lemon Cupcakes
Caramel flan recipe
Easy Caramel Flan
Figs in a bowl
Figs in Brandy Recipe (Higos al Brandy)
homemade gateau basque on cake cooler
Basque Cake (Pastel Vasco)
lemon cream
Spanish Lemon Cream Recipe (Crema de Limon)
Traditional Leche Merengada is made with milk, sugar, egg whites, and cinnamon
Leche Merengada Recipe
Spanish Sweet Milk Bread Recipe – Pan de Leche
Spanish Sweet Milk Bread Recipe – Pan de Leche
Saints bones recipe huesos de santo
Saint's Bones (Huesos de Santo)
Custard in pan on chopping board
Spanish Heavenly Custard, AKA Tocinillo de Cielo
Easy Spanish almond cookies recipe
Top 6 Traditional Spanish Christmas Cookie Recipes
Spanish Christmas Desserts: Turrón, Peladillas, Mazapán, Mantecados, and Polvorones
Spanish-Style Desserts to Make for Christmas Dinner
Goxua: Easy Basque Cream Recipe
Man holding Spanish fritters outside
Traditional Spanish Desserts for Carnival
Caramel flan
How to Make Flan with Vanilla Custard and Caramel Sauce
Ensaïmada Mallorquina (Mallorcan Spiral Pastry)
Ensaïmada Mallorquina (Mallorcan Spiral Pastry)
Bundt cake with glaze
Spanish Cinnamon Cake Recipe
Spanish almond cake
Spanish Almond Cake - Gató de Almendras Mallorquin
Spanish almond cookies recipe
Spanish Almond Cookie (Polvorones)
Mallorcan Almond Cake - Gato de Almendras Mallorquin
Top 10 Spanish Dessert Recipes with Almonds
Easy Spanish almond cookies recipe
Almendrados (Spanish Almond Cookies)
Spanish Cheesecake Flaó Recipe From Ibiza
Spanish Cheesecake Flaó Recipe From Ibiza
Flan oranges
Different Flavors of Spanish Flans
coffee flan
Easy Coffee Flan Recipe (Flan de Cafe)
Spain, Apple tart with cinnamon, close-up
Creamy Spanish Apple Tart
Quince Paste on plate
The Ins and Outs of Dulce de Membrillo: Quince Paste