13 Spicy Soups and Stews to Keep You Warm

Did you know that including spicy ingredients in our food helps to raise our body temperature? The higher body temperature, of course, helps us keep warm, and it also helps to burn up calories -- which is a great thing this time of the year. 

The temperatures are dropping and cooler days are here to stay. During these cold weather months, our bodies crave comforting foods that are both warming and filling. These 20 soup and stew recipes are all healthy, comforting, and quite delicious. The recipes range from classics to international ​flavors, as well as meaty and vegetable only recipes; so there is something for everyone. ​​​

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    Baharat Spiced Beef Stew

    Baharat-spiced beef stew


    Максим Крысанов / Getty Images 

    This is a heavily seasoned stew with Middle Eastern elements. The heat mild spicy heat and the aromatic baharat seasoning leaves a tingle on the tongue. It is difficult to explain the delicious and complex flavors -- you'll love it. The addition of seasonal root vegetables makes it a great option for lunch or dinner. 

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    Deviled Chicken Dinner

    A medium spicy chicken stew that is inexpensive, easy to prepare, and has minimal cleanup. Serve with rice and warm corn tortillas for a complete and warming winter meal. This recipe has the healthy and authentic flavours of Mexican cuisine.

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    Korean Spicy Beef Soup (Yukaejang)

    Korean spicy beef soup (yukaejang)

    whitewish / Getty Images

    Naomi Imatome-Yun, a Korean food expert, shares this authentic recipe that "warms you from your lips to your toes." Sounds perfect on a chilly day! 

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    Spicy Mexican "Charro" Beans With Longaniza Sausage

    Spicy Mexican cowboy beans with longaniza sausage

    The Spruce / Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    There is nothing quite like a bowl of beans to warm me right up. This is one of our favorite recipes that can easily be adjusted with whatever ingredients that you have in your refrigerator. The stew has a mild to medium spicy heat.

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    Doro Wat

    Freda Muyambo, African Cuisine Expert, shares her recipe for this aromatic and exotic chicken stew from Ethiopia. The heat is medium spicy.

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    Easy Miso Udon Soup With Chili Flakes

    Spicy udon soup


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    A Japanese classic made in about 15 minutes. The miso udon soup is made spicy by adding as much or little chile flakes as desired.

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    Thai Seafood Soup (Tom Yum Talay)

    Thai seafood soup (tom yum talay)

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    Thai cuisine is among the reigning spicy foods of the world. This delectable seafood soup by Darlene Schmidt, Thai food expert, is a must-try. The heat is medium spicy.

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    Cayenne Spiced Chili Con Carne

    Chile con carne


    martinrlee / Getty Images 

    Often thought of as a Mexican recipe, this dish of cayenne spiced chili con carne is in fact from Tex-Mex cuisine. Regardless, it tastes great with tortillas or warm cornbread. One fantastic thing about this dish is that the spiciness may be adjusted to your personal taste.

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    Spicy Chicken Soup With Vegetables

    Spicy chicken soup


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    Don't have time to cook soup? Throw the ingredients in a crockpot to create this healthy chicken and vegetable soup by Diana Rattray, Southern food expert.

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    Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup: Pho Ga

    Chicken pho


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    If you've never eaten Vietnamese cuisine you are seriously missing out. Pho ga or chicken soup is a great introductory dish into the amazing flavors of Vietnamese cuisine. The soup is mildly spicy but can be made as hot as you like.

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    Spicy Carrot Soup

    Spicy carrot soup

    gordana jovanovic / Getty Images

    Gingery and fiery this vegan soup is perfect any time of the year and for lunch or dinner. The zesty heat is mild to medium spicy.

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    Pintos, Smoky Sausage and Chard Stew Spiced With a Habanero Pepper

    This is another favorite bean-based stew. The hearty ingredients include beans, smoky sausage, healthy chard, and fiery habanero chilies. The heat is medium-high spicy.

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    Czech Beef Goulash With Vegetables and Cayenne Pepper

    Czech beef goulash

    The Spruce / Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    A spicy spin on the traditional Czech beef goulash, this hearty stew will get you through the harsh cold days of winter.