7 Spooky Halloween Party Punch Recipes

Serve all your ghostly guests with one drink

Halloween is a great excuse for a party and you can have a blast with a fun punch recipe. From spiked brews filled with rum to creepy garnishes that hide inside, there's a lot of opportunities to add a spook factor with a punch.

You can take any punch recipe and add all sorts of weird and wacky things to give it that Halloween touch. Yet, there are a few recipes designed just for the holiday. Let's explore a few, including boozy punches for adults and a couple that ​is family-friendly.

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    Halloween Harvest Punch - Midori Melon Liqueur
    Midori Melon Liqueur

    What you need: Midori, light and dark rums, white cranberry, apple, and lemon juices, simple syrup, seasonal fruits

    A brilliant green rum punch, this is a very fun recipe and one that everyone will enjoy. The green glow is one that only Midori can bring to the table, so be sure to keep the other ingredients neutral in color. This is particularly true of the cranberry juice.

    The Halloween Harvest Punch is fun, easy, and can quickly be made to fit both large and small parties.

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    Don Q Bloody Rum Punch
    David C. Humphreys / Photolibrary / Getty Images

    What you need: rum, red wine, triple sec, lime juice, simple syrup, limes, oranges

    How about a bowl of sangria for Halloween? The Bloody Rum Punch is a perfect choice and it's very easy to make. It is filled with rum and wine with just a hint of fruit and it tastes great.

    The blood-red punch is the perfect foundation for all your creepy additions. Throw in some dried ice to create a fog, cut the fruits in odd shapes to give it a witch's brew look, or float plastic spiders inside.

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    Sherbet Punch at a Halloween Party
    Rita Maas / StockFood Creative / Getty Images

    What you need: lime sherbet, lime, and lemon juice concentrates, water, ginger ale

    When you need a booze-free punch for the party, few are as easy and delicious as this sherbet punch. It has a great green color and when ginger ale meets the sherbet it gets a fun oozy foam.

    It's the perfect recipe for kids parties and those with non-drinking guests. Plus, with simple additions like dripping "blood" from grenadine, you can really add to the spook factor.

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    Devil's Punch
    Fridholm, Jakob/Getty Images

    What you need: tequila, orange liqueur, limoncello, sour mix, orange juice

    You will have to increase the Devil's Punch recipe to fit your party because it is written for a single drink. It would be best to ramp up the orange juice or add soda to knock back it's strength so your vampires don't turn into goblins by night's end.

    The mix is a devilish one and it's hard to resist when you have a house full of tequila fans. You might even think of it as an amplified Margarita

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    Zombie Punch
    Steve Brown Photography / Photolibrary / Getty Images

    What you need: rum, Pernod, triple sec, orange, lime, lemon, pineapple, and passion fruit juices

    Ah, the zombie punch. It has been made so many times and in so many ways that we really cannot agree on the "correct" recipe. You will actually find two options to choose from here.

    One is a modern version that is packed with booze and fruit. It's long been a favorite for Halloween parties. Be warned, though, it has a lot of rum and may turn some guests into zombies.

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    Halloween Sangria
    Ian Garlick / Getty Images

    What you need: red wine, ginger ale, oranges and lemons, sugar, grenadine

    You want a spiked punch, but not one that's going to knock everyone down, right? Give this simplified Halloween sangria a try. The only alcohol is red wine, so it's significantly lighter than other options.

    Garnish ideas abound with this recipe, too. Have fun adding gummy worms and bugs or spooky candy or fruit eyeballs. Whatever you can hide inside is sure to add to the fright factor.

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    Green Halloween Punch
    Martin Jacobs / Getty Images

    What you need: pineapple juice, ginger ale, orange juice, lime gelatin

    This recipe has a super fun idea that you can actually add to any punch bowl. The floating brain punch includes a jello brain that's made with an ice mold (about the size of an ice ball). Have fun with it and add a few to the bowl.

    The punch itself is quite simple and because it's alcohol-free, it can work for any party. If you'd like to spike the fruity mix, a half bottle of rum should do the trick.