9 Cocktails to Get You in the Mood for Spring

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The transition from winter to spring is one of the most anticipated times of the year. The snow has melted, the sun ​is shining, the ground comes to life, and it is once again enjoyable to be outside. It's also time to change our drinking habits and think about spring cocktails.

As you finish up your spring cleaning or income taxes and plan your gardens and summer vacations, take some time to sit down on the patio with a refreshing drink. These ​spring cocktails and mocktails will awaken your taste buds from the winter blues.

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    April Rain

    April Rain Cocktail

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    A touch of lime for your Vodka Martini? An April Rain is both refreshing and uplifting, the perfect Saturday afternoon cocktail after a morning of spring cleaning.

    This recipe is a bit like the classic Gimlet cocktail because it's simple and lime juice takes center stage. It also includes vermouth along with your favorite vodka, so it's a fantastic way to freshen up your martini.

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    Lavender Lemon Drop

    Lavender Lemon Drop Cocktail
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    If you have yet to enjoy the sweet floral taste of lavender in a drink, seize this opportunity. It will both amaze and delight your palate and show you the true beauty of lavender cocktails. 

    The Lavender Lemon Drop is a spin on a familiar martini and it's as simple as muddling a few lavender buds. The difference is both subtle and remarkable, one that's guaranteed to break you out of that winter rut.

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    Sparkling Shamrock

    Sparkling Shamrock Cocktail

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    All of the best flavors of spring come together in a single glass. While the Sparkling Shamrock sounds like the ideal St. Patrick's Day cocktail, it can carry you through the entire season and beyond.

    Few flavor pairings can be described as being as fresh as pear, elderflower, and cucumber. It really is a match made in garden heaven. When you add the lemonade (or club soda, if you prefer) along with a fresh mint and cucumber garnish, it is an absolute pleasure.

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    Easter Bunny

    Easter Bunny Cocktail

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    Yummy bunny! Easter would not be the same without chocolate, and the Easter Bunny cocktail will take care of your springtime sweet tooth. It's an absolutely delightful drink that has a little of everything.

    The recipe calls for both a chocolate liqueur and syrup, which are paired with the vodka of your choice. All of this is accented by the sweet touch of cherry brandy to make it a memorable experience.

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    Elderflower Cocktail

    Elderflower Cocktail Recipe

    Hosting an early spring brunch? Bring this charming cocktail to the table and impress everyone. They don't have to know that it's incredibly simple, either.

    Elderflower may not bloom until May, but with a liqueur like St. Germain, you can get a jump start on the season. The floral flavor comes to life under the bubbling wine and it's hard to outshine this drink's brilliance.

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    Lilac Lemon Drop Martini

    Colleen Graham's Lilac Shandy

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    Yes, you can drink your lilacs! Lilacs are among the first blooms of the season and there's no better way to celebrate spring than to bring the tiny flowers into your drinks. 

    The Lilac Lemon Drop Martini begins with a homemade lilac simple syrup which is added to fresh lemonade. Once you have that mixed up, just add your favorite light beer and a magical spring cocktail is yours to enjoy.

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    Green Lemonade

    Green Lemonade No-Proof Cocktail

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    Few things go better with a spring breeze than a tall, refreshing glass of lemonade. This mocktail is a flavorful twist on that favorite and it's a fun drink to share with the entire family.

    To create the Green Lemonade, you will dress up your favorite lemonade recipe with limeade or lime cordial and a few pieces of muddled kiwi. It's a fantastic new way to enjoy a ​warm-weather staple.

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    English Rose

    English Rose Cocktail

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    Enjoy this fruity twist on the classic Gin Martini as you watch your flowers peek from the ground. It is delightfully simple and is sure to please your taste buds.

    Apricot brandy is the perfect accent for spring cocktails. In the English Rose, it is accented with sweet lemon and pomegranate flavors so there are plenty of flavors to enjoy.

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    Yellow Bird

    Yellow Bird Cocktail

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    Prepare yourself for the tropical drinks of summer with this simple rum cocktail. It's a fun and quick recipe that can even be tossed into the blender if you really want to get a feel for summer.

    The Yellow Bird is a spin-off of the Screwdriver. Rather than vodka, this recipe uses both dark and light rums along with the vanilla-anise liqueur known as Galliano. There's also a more tropical Yellow Bird that brings bananas and pineapple into the mix.