10 Treat Basket Ideas

Whether you're looking forward to Purim and the tradition of "shalach manot" (the giving of treats) or are planning Easter baskets for friends and family, I have some delicious ideas for you. All these homemade treats, filled with Middle Eastern flavors, are sure to be welcomed by all and none are hard to make.

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    Cardamom Pistachio Shortbread Cookies
    Anita Schecter

    These buttery shortbread cookies are flavored with cardamom and rolled in crushed pistachios for a bit of tasty crunch. 

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    Chocolate Cinnamon and Pistachio Glazed Doughnuts
    Anita Schecter

    These little doughnut holes are baked, not fried, so you can indulge with less guilt. Or just eat more, which is what I do. 

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    Honey Date Hamantaschen Cookies
    Anita Schecter

    Hamantaschen (Hamen's ears) are the traditional Purim holiday cookie. Buttery short dough, shaped into a triangle, with a sweet filling in the middle. Poppy seed, prune and apricot are traditional but I love this honey date version just as much. 

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    Honey and Date Sandwich Cookies
    Anita Schecter

    Speaking of that delicious honey and date filling, I love it sandwiched between two cookies and served with a cold glass of milk. 

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    Salted Chocolate Chip Tahini Cookies
    Anita Schecter

    If there's anything better than fresh baked chocolate chip cookies it would have to be this version with tahini and sea salt. I'm seriously addicted. 

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    Chocolate Spiced Rugelach Cookies
    Anita Schecter

    For a twist on traditional cookies, I love rugelach. Flaky dough, rolled in chocolate and spices and topped with cinnamon sugar for extra deliciousness.

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    Tahini Buckeyes
    Anita Schecter

    If you grew up eating buckeye candy, that delightful combination of sweetened peanut butter covered in chocolate, you'll adore this tahini version. 

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    Pear and Pistachio Galette
    Anita Schecter

    Love pie but don't love fussing with pie crusts? A galette is the answer. Tender flaky pie dough, filled with pears and chopped pistachios, and folded over to make a free-form treat.

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    Spiced Honey Cake
    Anita Schecter

    Honey cakes are not just for the new year. This easy quick bread, filled with honey and spices, is as easy to make as it is to eat. We recommend a big pot of tea to go alongside. 

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    Blood Orange Cardamom Cake with Honey Orange Glaze
    Anita Schecter

    Late winter/early spring is blood orange season and I can't never let that go by without using them in everything. This easy loaf cake is flavored with cardamom and gets a sweet blood orange glaze over top. 

Whether you're celebrating a holiday or just the arrival of beautiful spring, these treats are sure to put a smile on everyone's face.