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The Spruce Eats
Location: New York, NY
Expertise: recipe development and recipe testing, food styling, culinary production, photography, creative direction, advertising and marketing, writing and reporting

The Spruce Eats staff is a team of food obsessed people from a wide range of professional backgrounds, bringing a collective 140 years of editorial and culinary experience. We have worked in network studios, test kitchens, photo studios, international grocers, and at major national magazines. Some of us were professional photographers, culinary producers, food stylists, bakers, line cooks, test kitchen directors, copy chiefs, and meal kit editors prior to joining the Spruce Eats team. Our staff works in tandem with over fifty freelance contributing recipe developers, recipe testers, illustrators, photographers, product testers, and copy editors to produce the content you see on our site.

We believe in transparency in our editorial process, and aim to demystify the steps it takes to bring an article or recipe to life, from conception to publication. Learn about our editorial policies, our recipe testing process, our product review process, our commitment to anti-racism, and our anti-bias review board.

Here is an overview of our current editorial staff overseeing the content of the site and all of the contributors to it:

Eric Handelsman, General Manager & VP

Julia Warren, VP Commerce

Heather Ramsdell, Editorial Director

Taysha Murtaugh, Editorial Director, Commerce

Mary Kate Hoben, Senior Commerce Editor

Adriana Velez, Senior Editor

Kysha Harris, Editor

Kristin Stangl, Editor

Collier Sutter, Food and Drink Review Editor

Lauryn Bodden, Associate Food Editor

Victoria Heydt, Editorial Project Manager

Mariana Gonzalez, Email Editor Food & Drink

Todd Coleman, Creative Content Director, Social

Brooke Schuldt, Social Media Manager


About The Spruce Eats

The Spruce Eats, a Dotdash brand, is a food and drink website offering more than 15,000 tested recipes, 1,200 how-to videos, informative articles, trustworthy product recommendations, and the inspiration to help you make your best meal. Learn more about us and our editorial process.

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