St. Germain Cocktail

St. Germain Cocktail
Leah Maroney
  • Total: 1 mins
  • Prep: 1 mins
  • Cook: 0 mins
  • Yield: 4 cocktails

 Nothing said brunch in my early twenties like a St. Germain cocktail.  Throw together some sparkling wine, St. Germain liquor and you've got a poppin' Sunday Funday.  

St. Germain is an elderflower liquor.  It's florally, sweet, and very unique.  It goes very well with champagne, vodka, and any other mild flavored liquor.  

I love the flavor so much, but obviously can't be drinking alcohol all of the time, so I use this amazing elderflower drink concentrate guessed it...IKEA!  It has all the same flavor without the alcohol.  I mix it in with seltzer!  It makes a perfect non-alcoholic refreshing summer beverage! Ok, I know it's not even spring yet, but a girl can fantasize about sandy beaches and rolling waves when it's 30 degrees, right???

It's a super great brunch cocktail because it tastes great with sweet and savory items and has champagne, which is a widely acceptable morning alcoholic beverage.  St. Germain Cocktail is like a less fruity mimosa. It rocks.

The traditional cocktail calls for soda water and champagne, served over ice, but this variation of just champagne and liquor is extremely delicious as well (and packs more of a punch). 

You can also serve this cocktail with a garnish of lemon, raspberries, or strawberries!


  • 2 ounces St. Germain Liquor
  • 3 1/2 ounces dry Champagne or Sparkling Wine
  • Garnish: lemon peel (or strawberries or raspberries)
  • Non-Alcoholic Cocktail:
  • 2 ounces Elderflower Drink Concentrate
  • 3 1/2 ounces Sparkling Water

Steps to Make It

  1.  Fill a champagne flute with 2 ounces of St. Germain liquor.

  2. Top the glass with dray champagne or sparkling wine. 

  3. Repeat for as many glasses as you need!