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With over six years of professional experience in the brewing industry, Stacy realized her personal tastes and interests leaned more towards grapes than grains. Sure to bring an upbeat, and informative focus on the art of selecting, tasting and enjoying a variety of wines, Stacy relays both her experience and passion in pursuit of the perfect grape.


By combining her enthusiasm for travel with her vineyard affections, Stacy has had the privilege of surveying many Old World and New World wine regions, while sipping and sampling from a myriad of fine wines both domestically as well as internationally. Whether it's freelance wine writing or cellar management, wine procurement or teaching wine education classes, working at wine festivals or coordinating professional wine tastings, Stacy strives to utilize her wine industry experience to usher in a light-hearted emphasis on wine selection, education and enjoyment, while imparting key tips for appreciating and entertaining with wine.

Stacy also recently wrapped up writing the latest edition of the Idiot's Guides: Wine, a book for beginners on discerning everything from grape varieties, to the how-to's of buying, storing, and tasting wine, selecting glassware, food pairing protocol, wine region overviews, and much, much more.


Stacy holds an advanced Wine & Spirits Education Trust WSET® Level 3 Award and has her Master's degree in Public Health. Her educational background lends itself to interpreting both the science and the art of wine, from grape to glass. She strives to stay up to date on the latest (and greatest) developments in the wine industry, so she can regularly share with her readers on a wide range of topics from the how-to's of selecting and tasting wine to wine recommendations and key food pairings, along with regional wine profiles. In addition, she'll help you delve into some of the science surrounding wine as it relates to the winemaking process and the health benefits of moderate wine consumption.

Stacy Slinkard

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