Start With Canned Pineapple

Pineapple Rings in bowl, cans in background

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Canned pineapple. No one ever claimed that's a gourmet ingredient. But it's incredibly useful in the kitchen. A whole fresh pineapple can be tricky to purchase ripe and takes some time, skill, and muscle to prepare.

There are several types of canned pineapple: crushed, tidbits, chunks, and rings, so keep in mind what type of recipe you're buying it for.

Start With Canned Pineapple

  • Sweet and Sour Ground Beef
    Canned pineapple is used in most sweet and sour recipes. This easy recipe is a nice change of pace because you use ground beef.
  • Pineapple Lamb Chops
    Like mint, the strong flavors of pineapple cut through the fatty richness of lamb in a delicious way. This recipe is one of my favorites.
  • Carrot Pineapple Freeze
    On really hot summer days, this salad makes a perfect breakfast served with a bakery muffin. It's pretty too; very cooling, with its soft colors.
  • Pineapple Cake
    This scratch sheet cake tastes fresh and sweet. And it's easy to make. It's topped with a cream cheese frosting that adds the perfect finishing touch.
  • 24 Hour Salad
    Despite its utilitarian name, this salad is luscious. I really should rename it, but I've always called it 24 Hour Salad.
  • Crab Cakes with Fruit Salsa
    Crab cakes are always welcome, of course, but when paired with this sweet and hot salsa, they will fly off the plate.
  • Best Carrot Cake
    This easy recipe for carrot cake really is the best. Crushed pineapple keeps it moist and adds a sweet flavor without a ton of sugar.
  • Pineapple Walnut Quick Bread
    This recipe makes two large loaves of moist and tender quick bread. It's perfect for breakfast on the run, or a coffee break.
  • Sweet and Sour Scallops
    Finally, make some scallops with a delicious sweet and sour glaze. If you'd like, you can use shrimp or cubed firm fish, such as halibut, in place of the scallops.