Start With Ham

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Ham and Rotini Casserole
Diana Rattray

Ham is an ideal summer food because it is purchased fully cooked and ready to use. Of course, it's also traditional at Easter, when most people have tons of leftovers. The tender texture and sweet and salty flavor blend well in many recipes and with many ingredients. And most kids really like ham. Think about tossing some ham together with pasta, tomatoes and cheese, throw some chopped ham into a stove-top omelet or your favorite potato salad, or set out ingredients, including thin sliced ham, for make your own sandwiches.

When you find canned or vacuum packed ham on sale in your local supermarket, buy a few and store according to the package directions, paying particular attention to sell-by and use-by dates. You can freeze ham for 1-2 months, but the texture and flavor will change and once thawed, the ham should be used only in cooked dishes for best results.

A few years ago, I discovered center-cut ham slices. These 1" thick slabs of ham are ideal cooked on the grill, glazed with mustard and honey, or served with salsas that you can make from scratch or purchased salsas dressed up with some fresh ingredients.

Start With Ham