Start With Hash Brown Potatoes

Hash brown pancakes

LauriPatterson / Getty Images

How often have you opened your freezer, refrigerator or pantry at 5 PM and been confronted with a package of potatoes, ground beef, or chicken, with no idea how to transform it into a meal? Try making some of these delicious hash brown dishes!

Be open to innovation and experimentation when you look at these recipes. Don't have canned salmon? Try using canned tuna or chicken, or leave the meat out of the recipe. Try a different vegetable or cheese. Use a different type of canned soup or make your own condensed soup mix out of simple pantry ingredients. The great thing about these recipes is they are totally adjustable. Have fun experimenting!

You can use frozen hash brown potatoes or the refrigerated kind that are found in the dairy aisle. Make sure to read the recipe carefully so you understand if the potatoes have to be thawed or cooked before using, then follow package directions. There are two kinds of frozen hash brown potatoes available in the supermarket: the grated type that looks like shredded potatoes, and the ones cut into tiny cubes, which are labeled southern. Either type works in these fabulous recipes.

Start with Hash Brown Potatoes