Start With Pierogies



Rus32 / Getty Images

Pierogies are like a cross between Italian and Germanic recipes. These large pasta half moons are stuffed with seasoned potatoes. They are found in your grocer's freezer aisle. And they are delicious and easy to prepare.

The 16-ounce boxes contain 12 pierogies each. Mrs. T's Pierogies says this serves four people, but we think that four pierogies per serving are more reasonable, so each box really serves three. If you have big eaters in your family, the box may serve two! If you want the recipe to serve four, add some more pierogies from another box.

We've always just baked pierogies with sauce in a casserole dish, but when researching this article, we fried them too. Now we're in love! You can pan fry frozen pierogies in a butter and olive oil combination. The pasta gets slightly crisp but stays tender, and the filling turns meltingly creamy. So try some of these easy recipes using pierogies and shake up your recipe repertoire.

Start With Pierogies