Steak Christmas Dinner Menu

Filet Mignon
Linda Larsen

Steak is always a celebratory food, but it's served most often in the summer, cooked on the grill. Break with tradition this year and make a fabulous steak Christmas dinner menu. A rich and festive holiday appetizer, velvety potato side dish, and a spectacular but easy banana pie round out the menu.

This menu is ideal if you're serving a smaller group of people. A ham always feeds a crowd. But if you have only four or six people at your table, serving an elegant steak makes more sense, economically and time-wise.

Remember to set your table with your nicest china and prettiest stemware and flatware; after all, this is a celebration menu. Put flowers in the middle of the table, or pile a bunch of pretty ornaments in a decorative bowl.

The sauce for the appetizer is made ahead of time; just bake the Brie and top it with the cool chutney just before serving. The steak is a last-minute proposition, of course, but that's easy to cook. And the rest of the meal is made ahead of time, so all you have to do is bake the broccoli and potatoes, serve the salad, and slice the pie.

Steak Christmas Dinner Menu

  • Devils on Horseback
    This wonderful appetizer recipe is made of tender dates stuffed with melting cheese and wrapped in bacon. They are simply fabulous and a perfect start to this special meal.
  • Steak House Steak
    Filet mignon is the cut we usually use for this recipe; it is really my favorite cut of steak. And for Christmas, you can afford to splurge a little! Be careful that you don't overcook it. Steaks should be cooked to a minimum temperature of 145 F, which is medium. Let the steaks stand for a few minutes after they come off the heat so the juices can redistribute. Then dig in.
  • Antique Broccoli
    This side dish is so easy and delicious. It puts an ordinary green bean casserole to shame! Broccoli and carrots are covered in a creamy cheese sauce and topped with crunchy buttered bread crumbs. Yum.
  • Super Creamy Hash Brown Potatoes
    This luscious casserole is perfect for a celebration dinner. Again, you can cut it in half with ease. Bake for the same amount of time, but use a smaller pan.
  • Pear and Greens Salad
    Gelatin salads are not only ideal for entertaining, but they're great for breakfast the next morning! This easy salad recipe is from my Grandmother Matha. It's one we make every holiday season.
  • Chocolate Mousse Pie
    This fabulous pie is incredible, with the most velvety and smooth texture. It's truly spectacular, and a perfect finish to your meal.