How To Steam Fish in Parchment (en Papillote)

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    Fold and Cut the Parchment

    Fold a piece of 12x14” parchment paper in half and cut it into a half-heart shape, staying as close to the outside edges as possible.

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    Open the Parchment Heart

    Open the heart.

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    Place Vegetable Ingredients on the Parchment

    Place vegetable ingredients to one side of the fold line, at least 2 inches from the paper’s edge. This creates a "bed" for the fish.

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    Place Fish on Vegetables

    Place fish over vegetables and add any herbs or liquid seasoning.

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    Fold the Parchment and Begin to Seal the Packet

    Fold the top half of the heart over to enclose the fish. Starting at the top of the heart fold about 1/4 ” of the edge toward the center, and fold again to make a tight seal.

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    Finish Sealing the Packet

    Continue rolling this "hem" around the edge of the parchment packet, pinching the roll as you seal it.

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    Twist to Seal Bottom of Parchment Packet

    When the hem roll reaches the bottom tip of the heart, twist the bottom inch or two to seal.

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    Cut Packet Open and Serve

    Bake parchment packet according to recipe instructions. Place packet on a plate, and using a sharp knife or scissors, carefully cut a large cross on the top of the packet. Peel back to serve.