Stephanie Gallagher

Stephanie Gallagher is an award-winning journalist, food writer, author and mother of two. When she isn't in the kitchen developing new recipes, she can be found poring over cookbooks or browsing the aisles of local food stores and farmer's markets for the latest and greatest kitchen products and foods to share with her readers.


Stephanie has written hundreds of food articles and interviewed dozens of famous chefs in her quest for the best, easiest and most fun recipes for kids.

Stephanie comes from a long line of farmers, who helped instill in her the importance of respecting the environment and appreciating the source of our food supply.

The author of four books, Stephanie has been featured on Oprah, National Public Radio, Lifetime television and other major media. She is currently working on her fifth book.

Stephanie Gallagher

Teaching children to cook is one of the most delightful ways to help them expand their palates and embrace the joy of eating.

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