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Stephanie Kirkos l Gluten-Free Cooking Expert -
Stephanie Kirkos l Gluten-Free Cooking Expert - Stephanie Kirkos

Stephanie is a Boston-based recipe developer, food photographer, and writer sharing delicious, approachable gluten-free recipes for every meal and every occasion. Gluten-free cooking doesn't have to be complicated. Here you will find recipes that cooks with all levels of experience can prepare and everyone – including those who aren't strictly gluten-free – can enjoy.  


Stephanie has been living, eating, and cooking gluten-free for over five years after discovering that a myriad of seemingly unrelated health issues cleared up after removing gluten from her diet. The change in diet led Stephanie to completely redefine the way she ate and approached food. By embracing whole foods and naturally gluten-free foods in creative ways, a new world opened up for Stephanie in the kitchen, inspiring her to share her passion for gluten-free cooking with others.

In addition to writing for, Stephanie also shares healthy and wholesome gluten-free recipes with a meatless spin on her blog, Steph in Thyme. In addition, her gluten-free recipes have been featured on BuzzfeedHonest Cooking, The Daily Meal, and One Green Planet.

Stephanie contributed five gluten-free and vegan recipes to the recently published cookbook, The Vegan Friends Cookbook.

Stephanie Kirkos

Following a gluten-free diet isn't always easy. I've had those days, missing out at parties and restaurants, missing baked goods and foods I grew up eating but have had to do without. You're not alone.

After years of eating and living gluten-free, I've become an optimist, a glass half full kind of cook. Instead of focusing on what we have to do without, I invite you to join me in the kitchen and have fun with all the things we can do free of gluten.

My mission is to empower and inspire you to cook delicious and creative gluten-free foods, for every day, for every occasion. Whether you're bringing dessert to a potluck picnic or preparing a Thanksgiving side dish, I'm here by your side to help you create a flavorful, satisfying gluten-free dish. Grab an apron, hit “Play” on Pandora (I'll let you choose the station), and let's get cooking!

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