The TikTok-Famous StoveShelf: Tested and Approved

Social media made me try it; functionality made me love it

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The Spruce Eats / Rachel Lee

Our reviewer was sent a sample of the StoveShelf to the test in her kitchen. Keep reading for our product review.

It’s safe to say I’ve come across hundreds of hyped products during those endless scrolls through TikTok. It seems like there’s always a new trending product promising to "change your life" or that “you need ASAP!” accompanied by thousands of views and likes. So when I finally got my hands on the StoveShelf, which amassed much buzz on social media, my expectations were high. And I can say with confidence that this viral kitchen hack absolutely lived up to the hype. Read on to find out why.


The Spruce Eats / Rachel Lee

StoveShelf 30-inch Magnetic Shelf

StoveShelf 30-inch Magnetic Shelf


What We Like
  • Zero installation required

  • Looks sleek and minimal

  • Works even on curved stoves

  • Strong high quality magnets

What We Don't Like
  • Not cheap


The Spruce Eats / Rachel Lee

Living in an NYC apartment, my kitchen is pretty small and freedom of storage is a rare luxury. This magnetic shelf allows me to save on that beloved counter space by opening up a whole 30 inches worth of extra space on top of my stove. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to install. In fact, all I had to do was open the box and then simply place this magnetic shelf on top of my stove. It was a perfect size and fit snugly between my stovetop and backsplash. This ensures no food or kitchen items fall in that little gap between the two, which I'm sure we've all fallen victim to.

You can choose between three colors of this sleek shelf: black, white, or classic stainless steel. Select whichever best matches your kitchen appliances or go for a contrasting color for a unique flair.


The Spruce Eats / Rachel Lee

I was quickly impressed by how secure the shelf fit; there was no wobbling at all. My oven is quite old and slightly curved, but the shelf still fit perfectly and remained sturdy. It looks seamless with your stove as if it's just a natural part of it. The shelf held up and fit a lot of items, including a bottle of olive oil and vinegar, a salt cellar, and several spice jars. These were all perched within easy grasp above the stove, and looked neat and organized displayed in a row.

This magnetic shelf allows me to save on that beloved counter space by opening up a whole 30 inches worth of extra space on top of my stove.

Another great thing about this StoveShelf is how easy it is to clean. In my true clumsy fashion, I accidentally spilled some balsamic vinegar and salt on the shelf while cooking, but it all wiped up clean with a swipe from a damp towel. There was no residue or staining. You can also just remove the shelf from the stovetop and run it under water in your sink for another easy clean. Plus, its placement can protect your backsplash from any oil splatter or cooking mess.


The Spruce Eats / Rachel Lee

The heavy-duty construction was something I was pleasantly surprised at and proved that this shelf is more than just a piece of metal. Its attached silicone-encased magnets are super strong and the stainless steel is of thick high quality. The powerful magnets guarantee this shelf won't budge from your stovetop. A safety feature I appreciated was that the shelf didn't get hot, even when the oven was on at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, the StoveShelf's resistance to rust and corrosion means it's built to last for years on end.

I'm a fan of how it comes in not only the standard 30-inch size, but a more compact 24 inches too, which is perfectly suited for an apartment kitchen. So whether you're working with a tiny city kitchenette or simply want to free up more space on your countertops, the StoveShelf is the practical and streamlined solution for you.

The Verdict

Worth the hype.

The StoveShelf will change your kitchen organization game and free up plenty of counter space for all your culinary creations.

Product Name: StoveShelf

Product Brand: StoveShelf

Price: $39.99 for the 30-inch

Sizes: 30 and 24 inches long

Material: Stainless steel

Colors: White, Black, Stainless Steel

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