Delicious Strawberry Desserts to Make This Summer

These recipes make the most of fresh summer berries

Delicious strawberry desserts

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Fresh, flavorful and naturally sweet, strawberries make the perfect addition to dessert. Satisfy your sweet tooth and earn a reputation as a great baker, with these delicious strawberry dessert recipes, including strawberry cupcakes, pies, cakes, parfaits, frozen treats and more. Strawberries are easily transformed into enticing dessert recipes you'll be proud to serve to family and friends, in our dessert recipe round-up featuring one of our favorite fruits.

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    Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake Pie

    Strawberry cheesecake
    John E. Kelly

    Everybody loves cheesecake and this extraordinary, rich-tasting strawberry pie is a must-have dessert recipe for your collection. This traditional baked cheesecake recipe is finished with a layer of sweet, saucy strawberry glaze and nestled in a crunchy graham cracker pie crust, for the perfect balance of textures and flavors.

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    Strawberry Pretzel Dessert

    Strawberry pretzel dessert

    This cheesecake-inspired strawberry dessert recipe is filled with fresh, juicy strawberries and decadent whipped cream. It's all packed into a salty, crunchy pretzel crust that's so delicious, you'll want to use the crust recipe again and again in your other desserts. You'll earn plenty of compliments when you serve this unique, yummy combination of flavors and textures to friends and family.

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    Strawberry Creme Parfaits

    Strawberry creme parfait
    Hidehiro Kigawa

    Strawberries and cream are a foolproof combination, and they're just the starting point for this irresistibly delicious dessert. Sweet, slightly tart fresh berries combine with decadent whipped cream, gooey melted marshmallows, and crunchy meringue cookies to create a make-ahead dessert that's made in heaven - no baking required!

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    Old-Fashioned Strawberry Shortcake

    Strawberry shortcake
    Bernard Prost

    Delight brunch and dinner guests, or surprise your family with a yummy weekend treat, when you serve this impressive strawberry shortcake recipe that takes just 30 minutes to make. Fresh, juicy strawberries piled high on piping hot biscuits are smothered with velvety whipped cream, for a dessert that's sure to please every time.

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    Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Cake

    Strawberry rhubarb crumb cake
    Diana Rattray

    This delicious strawberry rhubarb crumb cake is a fresh take on the traditional sour cream coffee cake that's a welcome dessert at any brunch or potluck. Moist sour cream cake packed with juicy, fresh fruit is accentuated with vanilla and sugar, then topped with a crunchy, sweet streusel mixture that combines pecans, butter, sugar, and spices.

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    Strawberry Champagne Popsicles

    Strawberry champagne popsicles
    Marilyn Conway

    Popsicles aren't just for kids anymore. This strawberry champagne ice treat recipe uses a little bit of bubbly to add an extra pop to an ordinary strawberry popsicle recipe. It’s a fun, frozen way to celebrate great ingredients and a great use for leftover champagne that's lost some of its fizz.

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    Strawberry Cupcakes

    Strawberry cupcake
    Anouk de Maar

    We challenge you to eat just one of these moist, tender, homemade strawberry cupcakes that are bursting with fresh fruit flavor. Your friends and family will go crazy for the buttercream frosting, dotted with fresh strawberries, that you'll want to re-use for your other cupcake recipes. 

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    Strawberry and Vanilla Charlotte

    Strawberry vanilla Charlotte
    Maximilian Stock Ltd.

    When you want a showstopping, delicious dessert recipe that's not too complicated to make, this simplified French Charlotte recipe will do the job perfectly. You'll wow brunch or dinner guests with this stunning dessert that oozes fresh strawberries and is filled with sweet, creamy vanilla custard and lined with ladyfinger biscuits, for an impressive presentation. 

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    Fresh Strawberry Sauce

    Fresh strawberry sauce

    What does it take to turn fresh strawberries into a delicious strawberry sauce perfect for spooning onto cake or drizzling over ice cream? Just a bit of time and a few simple ingredients. It's that simple to create a sweet, yummy sauce that makes a great topping for cheesecakes and pound cakes, or for dressing up pancakes and waffles.

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    Strawberry Pie

    Strawberry pie

    Silvia Maurer/EyeEm

    Easy, make-ahead strawberry pie combines the goodness of fresh fruit with the rich smoothness of cream cheese, for a strawberry and cream flavor that's out of this world. Vanilla and lemon accentuate the brightness of the strawberries in this cheesecake-inspired dessert recipe that's sure to earn you compliments as a great baker.

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    Strawberry Pecan Cake

    Strawberry pecan cake

    Your family and friends will be tickled pink when you serve them this colorful, delicious strawberry layer cake. Featuring a flavorful cake batter that blends the sweetness of strawberries with nutty coconut and crunchy pecans, for extra texture and taste. A delectable strawberry cream cheese frosting delivers the ultimate wow factor. This is a great dessert recipe for brunches, potluck parties, and bridal shower luncheons.

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    Strawberry Trifle

    Strawberry trifle
    Joff Lee

    Easy to make and fancy enough to serve at holidays and other occasions, this simplified English trifle recipe uses store-bought mixes to cut down your preparation time. This classic English trifle dessert features scrumptious layers of fresh strawberries, moist cake pieces and creamy custard, all topped with gooey whipped topping and decorated with slivered almonds.

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    Strawberry Basil Sorbet

    Strawberry sorbet

    liaminou/Getty Images

    This garden-fresh strawberry basil sorbet recipe offers a delicious, grown-up twist on classic, sweet strawberry sorbet. Frozen strawberry sorbet infused with easy, homemade basil syrup, lemon juice, and vodka is equally welcome as a warm afternoon treat or a fancy after-dinner dessert recipe at any time of year.

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    Easy Strawberry Cake

    Strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting
    Diana Rattray

    Simple, delicious strawberry cake makes a perfect weekend dessert. This easy, pretty strawberry dessert recipe starts with a white cake mix and a box of strawberry gelatin. Fresh or frozen strawberries are used to add sweetness and flavor to both the cake and the creamy frosting.