5 Sweet Dessert Grilled Cheese That Will Have You Begging for More

Who said grilled cheese can't be considered a dessert?

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    Brie, Fig Jam, and Poundcake Grilled Cheese with Rosemary Butter. Grilled Cheese Social

     I have to admit that when I dreamt up a poundcake grilled cheese, I thought that I was a pure genius. The buttery, sweet bread crisps up so beautifully and when paired with sweet and earthy fig jam, and creamy brie, well the combo gets even more delicious. I've served this sandwich for breakfast with a side of bacon, for dessert with powdered sugar on top, and pretty much any time that I've had poundcake around. 

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    Sweet and Savory Apple Butter and Croissant Grilled Cheese. Grilled Cheese Social

    With some spicy pepper jack cheese fromTillamook Cheese, a heaping spoonful of sweet and creamy apple butter, and a buttery and perfectly flaky croissant, this grilled cheese encompasses one of my favorite flavor combo’s SWEET & SPICY (and buttery) and it’s an excellent little treat that pairs nicely with an acidic Sauvignon Blanc.

    Even though this recipe recommends that you grill the sandwich, this combination is also delicious as-is - whether that's a quick breakfast, a last minute...MORE dessert, or an unconventional lunch. You can even go to the next level with this and add some salty cured meat like prosciutto or speck. 

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    Funfetti Grilled Cheese with Ricotta and Brioche. Grilled Cheese Social

    Remember making funfetti cake as a little kid and licking the bowl until your tummy hurt? Well, now you can eat the cake mixture all you want without fear of getting sick from the raw egg! By mixing the pre-made cake batter with fresh ricotta, the flavors that you know and love are made into a completely edible mixture that is just as addicting as the real stuff. You can eat this dip with your fingers, with some salty potato chips, or even with apple slices. And if you want to take it to the...MORE next level, then try this sandwich recipe because when it's grilled between two buttery slices of brioche bread, well, then it becomes even more insane and delicious. Just don't forget to share! 

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    Blistered Blueberry Grilled Cheese with Mascarpone and Brie

    Blistered Blueberry Grilled Cheese with Mascarpone and Brie
    Blistered Blueberry Grilled Cheese with Mascarpone and Brie. Grilled Cheese Social

    Sweet and tart blistered blueberries and earthy basil cut through the rich creaminess of the mascarpone and brie while the bagel acts as a unique encasing fot this delicious dessert grilled cheese.  

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    Apricot Bruschetta Grilled Cheese with Basil

    Apricot Bruschetta Grilled Cheese with Basil
    Apricot Bruschetta Grilled Cheese with Basil and Goat Brie. Grilled Cheese Social

    Sweet apricots, tart blueberries, flower-y honey and fragrant basil combine to create a summertime fruit bruschetta that goes excellent inside of grilled cheese. The main star of this sandwich is Goat's brie, but unlike the typical cow's milk variety that one normally finds at the market, this blend is much tangier and has a really nice lemon-y finish. And when these two components meld together between two crusty buttery slices of french bread, the result is a sweet, savory, and bold...MORE grilled cheese.

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