Synergy Organic Raw Gingerberry Kombucha

Gingerberry Kombucha
Gingerberry Kombucha combines a bold kombucha flavor with a sharp ginger kick and a hint of blueberry. Courtesy of GT's Living Foods

Like many of the kombucha teas from Synergy Drinks, Synergy Gingerberry Kombucha has a bold, tart, vinegary kombucha flavor that's great for some hardcore kombucha drinkers, but not ideal for, say, soda drinkers.

Color, Aroma & Flavor

Gingerberry Kombucha has an appealing color akin to blueberry juice. If the aroma and flavor matched the lovely color, this could be a drink even kids can love. However...

Gingerberry's aroma is classic kombucha tartness spiked with a ginger kick and a touch of blueberry sweetness. Likewise, the flavor and the ingredients list are heavy on the ginger.* Gingerberry Kombucha a good pick for people with sinus problems. This particular kombucha tea's vinegar-like flavor is also strong, leaving the blueberry notes to fade into the background.

* The strong ginger note may make Synergy's Gingerberry a good choice for people with sinus or digestion problems. Then again, a strong (and more delicious) ginger tea may do the trick one better, especially if it's consumed hot for sinus problems.

Aftertaste & Physical Effects

The ginger heat of Gingerberry fades fast. The tart vinegar note and the sweet flavor of ripe blueberries linger, as does a sort of funky, tropical fruit note. However, what lasts the longest is the physical effects of kombucha. Like other raw kombuchas, Gingerberry is said to have an unusual impact on the body. While we can't vouch for any medical benefits (and we personally doubt a number of the wild health claims circulating about it; for more information on that topic, see "Kombucha: Immortal Health Elixir or Homemade Poison?"), we can say that it had a rejuvenating, refreshing mental and physical impact on us.

Overall Opinion

In terms of flavor, this isn't Synergy's best kombucha. That said, it isn't as strong or as "this-must-be-really-good-for-you" in flavor as some kombuchas out there. If you want to drink kombucha and this is one of your few options, try it out. However, if you like to genuinely enjoy what you're drinking, try another kombucha instead.

That's doesn't necessarily mean you need to go for a pasteurized kombucha. If you want something raw AND tasty, we would recommend GT's Organic Raw Botanic No. 3 Kombucha and GT's Organic Raw Botanic No. 9 Kombucha (both of which are also raw kombucha teas from Synergy) over Synergy Gingerberry Kombucha anyday. Most stores that carry Gingerberry will likely carry one or both of these other flavors.