Syrie Wongkaew

Syrie Wongkaew is a food-loving Australian.


Syrie has been cooking up a storm in the kitchen since she was a child. Having traveled extensively and lived in Australia, Thailand and Canada, Syrie has been exposed to and has developed a taste for international cuisine. For several years Syrie has been creating and adapting recipes and writing about her culinary adventures on her popular website, Taste Buddies. Syrie also works as a freelance food photographer and food stylist.


While Syrie's formal training is in graphic design and communications, she has been a student of food for all of her life. Syrie is currently training to be a chef in Sydney.

Syrie Wongkaew

From its humble beginnings, Australian and New Zealand food has come a long way. Australasian chefs are now combining a profusion of ingredients, sourced from all over the world. Their innovations are setting taste buds on fire. Please join me on a tour of Australian and New Zealand food. Together, we'll explore cultural icons such as meat pies, barbecues and Pavlovas, to modern Thai/French fusions.

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