Tips for Planning Your Tailgating Party

Tailgating fans
Tailgating is fun and there are many things you can bring along to make the party better. Steve Debenport/E+/Getty Images

Don your team colors, grab the cooler and the grill and fill the truck with friends because it's time for some tailgating. This is a tradition among many sports fans, especially during football season, and can bring out the biggest and most ingenious tailgating set ups.

The best way to begin planning your tailgating party is to think about it as a one-day camping experience with coordinated colors. If you are a new tailgater, or just want to improve the spot you have staked out, here are a few tips you may be able to use.

Tailgating Drinks

The drink of choice for many tailgaters is beer and that leaves you with a lot of choices: big name favorites and any local brews being the most popular. For a well-rounded tailgate party you will probably want more.

Stock plenty of water, juice, and soda for the kids and non-drinkers, think about a portable blender like the TailGator for frozen cocktails, and a portable bartending kit for your cocktails. Another option is to make your own pre-mixed cocktails, with those like the Long Island Iced Tea, Lynchburg Lemonade and the Screwdriver being the easiest. Simply mix any of these up in a spill-proof container before heading to the game.

A few favorite tailgating drinks:

Tailgating Food

Tailgating may be about the game, team spirit and a lot of beer, but food is just as important. This is one of those opportune times to bring out your grill master skills. While the average burger will do the trick, why not go all out with some special game day fare? These are easy and can be prepped, seasoned, and marinaded beforehand so you just plop them on the heat. Also, let's not forget about breakfast on the grill for those early games.


Other Tailgating Supplies

I have seen many extreme tailgating set ups over the years and whether your game day toys include a decked-out pickup, a greasy slip and slide, an enormous beer bong, or whatever else your crazy sports fan mind can come up with, go with it. When it comes to tailgating anything goes, but here are a couple of things you may want to think about as well.

  • Pop-Up Tent - Convenient for bad weather, we heat these up mid-winter to escape the cold. 
  • Team Flags - Use these to guide friends to your tailgate spot while showing team spirit.