Grilled Tandoori Cod

Grilled Tandoori Cod

The Spruce / Crystal Hughes

Prep: 8 mins
Cook: 12 mins
Marinate: 60 mins
Total: 80 mins
Servings: 4 servings
Nutrition Facts (per serving)
427 Calories
18g Fat
18g Carbs
49g Protein
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Nutrition Facts
Servings: 4
Amount per serving
Calories 427
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 18g 22%
Saturated Fat 4g 18%
Cholesterol 121mg 40%
Sodium 980mg 43%
Total Carbohydrate 18g 7%
Dietary Fiber 2g 6%
Protein 49g
Calcium 204mg 16%
*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a food serving contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.
(Nutrition information is calculated using an ingredient database and should be considered an estimate.)

This tandoori cod recipe is simple to prepare and delicious as well. You will need only an hour of marinating time and minutes on the grill to enjoy flavors inspired by Indian cuisine. Enjoy tandoori cod with your favorite rice dish and grilled vegetables for an easy and healthy dinner.

Tandoori comes from the name of the wood or charcoal-fired clay oven used for cooking in India, the tandoor. These ovens cook at a high temperature, similar to what you can get on your grill. One way meat (especially chicken) is prepared for cooking in the tandoor is to marinate it in a mixture of yogurt and spices. This recipe uses a similar marinade for cod fillets.

You probably have most of the spices used in this recipe in your pantry. One that you might look for at an Indian grocery store is the chili powder. It is not the same as American "chili powder," which is actually a blend of spices. One substitute would be cayenne pepper. It is the only "hot" element to the spices, so adjust the amount to suit your taste. Garnishing with cilantro leaves and onion slices is traditional.


  • 4 to 6 cod fillets
  • For the Marinade:
  • 1 cup/240 milliliters plain yogurt
  • 1/4 cup/60 milliliters olive oil
  • 4 garlic cloves (minced)
  • 2 teaspoons/10 milliliters ginger (fresh, grated)
  • 2 teaspoons/10 milliliters ground cumin
  • 2 teaspoons/10 milliliters ground coriander
  • 1 teaspoon/5 milliliters mild Indian chili powder (or cayenne)
  • 1 teaspoon/5 milliliters ground turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon/5 milliliters sea salt
  • For the Garnish:
  • 1/2 small red onion (cut into thin rings)
  • 1/4 cup/60 milliliters cilantro leaves

Steps to Make It

  1. Gather the ingredients.

    Grilled Tandoori Cod ingredients

    The Spruce / Crystal Hughes

  2. Cut the cod fillets into 2 1/2- to 3-inch chunks.

    cod cut into pieces

    The Spruce / Crystal Hughes

  3. In a medium bowl, combine all the marinade ingredients: yogurt, olive oil, minced garlic, grated ginger, ground cumin, ground coriander, chili powder, turmeric, and sea salt.

    marinade ingredients in bowl

    The Spruce / Crystal Hughes

  4. Place the fish pieces in the bowl and toss them with the marinade to coat well. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let it marinate in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Do not leave the fish out at room temperature.

    fish in a marinade in a bowl

    The Spruce / Crystal Hughes

  5. Preheat the grill for medium-high heat. Clean the grill grates well with a grill brush, then oil them to prevent sticking (dip a folded paper towel lightly in oil and using tongs, wipe evenly over the grates). Place fish pieces on an outdoor grill (or cast iron grill pan) and cook for 10 to 12 minutes, flipping the fish halfway through.

    fish cooking on a grill

    The Spruce / Crystal Hughes

  6. Remove the fish from the heat and serve topped with red onion slices and cilantro leaves.

    Grilled Tandoori Cod on a platter

    The Spruce / Crystal Hughes

Fish Grilling Tips

  • Make sure your grill is nice and clean before starting.
  • Once the grill is hot, lightly oil the grates. Fold up a paper towel into a square and saturate it with oil. Use a pair of tongs to rub the oil on the hot grill grates. Be careful not to over-soak the paper towel, as any oil drips could cause flare-ups.
  • Don't flip the fish until it's completely cooked on the bottom side. This will help it separate from the grill. Use a large, flat metal spatula to flip the fish.
  • If you're not sure if it's done, use an instant-read thermometer. The internal temperature should be 145 F.
  • To eliminate the risk of the fish sticking to the grill, you could use a fish basket or cage, which makes flipping the fish easier. Be sure to coat the inside of the basket or cage with oil before using.


While you can use pre-ground cumin and coriander, you can boost the flavor and complexity tremendously if you buy whole cumin and coriander seeds and grind them right before making the marinade. Simply toast the seeds in a skillet and grind them in a clean coffee grinder or with a mortar and pestle. You simply won't go back to pre-ground spices.

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