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    Tanqueray is a Gin You Can Rely On

    The iconic seal of Tanqueray London Dry Gin
    One of the best known gins in the world, Tanqueray London Dry Gin is a gin you can trust and find anywhere. S&C Design Studios

    Tanqueray is best known for its London dry gin that comes in an iconic green bottle with a red "T" wax seal. The company was founded in 1830 by Charles Tanqueray in Bloomsbury, London and the gin is now produced in Scotland.

    While Tanqueray London Dry Gin is the brand's most popular (particularly in the United States) they also produce a few other bottlings, each with unique characteristics that will appeal to different tastes.

    Tanqueray Gin Labels

    • Tanqueray London Dry Gin - The cornerstone of the brand, this gin epitomizes a quality London dry gin. It is distilled four times and includes only four botanicals: juniper, coriander, angelica, and liquorice. It is a great all-around gin for any cocktail. 47.3% alc/volume (94.6 proof)
    • Tanqueray No. 10 Gin - Released in 2000, this is a different gin that adds fresh grapefruit, orange, lime, and chamomile to the botanical mix. The result is a light, fruity gin that is perfect for those who are not big fans of a juniper-heavy London dry. Try this one in a Martini or any other light-bodied cocktail. 47.3% alc/volume (94.6 proof)
    • Tanqueray Rangpur Gin - Released in 2007, this gin is made using juniper, Rangpur limes, bay leaf, ginger, and other botanicals. It's light, refreshing flavor is very interesting and fun to mix with. 41.3% alc/volume (82.6 proof)
    • Tanqueray Malacca Gin - Originally released in 1997 and discontinued in 2001, this gin was re-released in 2013 as a limited edition. A sweeter gin taken from a recipe developed by the company founder, it is likened to an Old Tom Gin and is best in classic cocktails. 40% alc/volume (80 proof)

    Tanqueray Cocktails

    Tanqueray gins are great for almost any gin cocktail and you can find it in almost every bar and liquor store in the United States, which makes it a great, well-rounded, and reliable gin.

    Here are a few cocktails that specifically call for Tanqueray...

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    Tanqueray Rangpur Distilled Gin

    Tanqueray Rangpur Gin
    A regular offering from the favorite gin brand, Tanqueray Rangpur brings lime into the botanical mix. Tanqueray

    Everything We Love About Tanqueray with a Hint of Lime 

    Over the last 175 years, Tanqueray has produced some of the best gins available. Their classic London Dry Gin can be set as a benchmark for real gin and the citrus undertones of the super-premium No. 10 redefined the Martini. Now, Tanqueray Rangpur hits another mark and adds to the brand's flavor portfolio.

    Tanqueray Rangpur is one of a new generation of gins that are competing with the large flavored vodka market, but this gin has a style of its own that clearly sets it apart.

    The Review

    The Rangpur lime is not like the lime we see in the produce market every day, it is a unique fruit that blends attributes of other citrus.

    This orange-colored lime has the zestiness expected of a lime but it is as juicy as an orange and looks very similar to a mandarin orange. The Rangpur tree, which is native to India, can fruit year round for up to 40 years. It has become a popular ornamental tree in Florida and southern California.

    Tanqueray Rangpur is not lime-flavored gin. Like all of Tanqueray's gins, the standard botanicals and extra flavorings are into the spirit rather than infused like so many vodkas are. This distinction traps the flavors into the gin in a way that allows the flavors to punch through the alcohol in a subtle, true way that is impossible with infusions.

    Tanqueray Rangpur is a well-balanced gin with a citrus twist that accents and enhances the required juniper. It deserves to be relished for it's own, unique characteristics and treated as a separate entity from a standard dry gin.

    Serve Tanqueray Rangpur on the rocks for an invigorating short drink or in a highball with either cranberry or ginger ale. Use it in a classic Martini for an interesting twist or for a flurry of lime, in a Gimlet. As an ideal balance of bitter, citrus, dry, and sweet, the Perfect Martini with Rangpur and a dash of Angostura bitters is, well, perfect.

    Tasting Notes

    The aroma of sweet, warm citrus and a soft, rosy bouquet is an open invitation for a long, slow sip. The botanical bouquet continues as light waves greet the tongue and open to a peak of juniper accented with bold, zesty lime. The airiness gives way to a finish of warm, dark rainbow of citrus, notably lime and lemon, and a short punch of juniper to top it off.

    About Tanqueray Rangpur Gin

    • Distilled with Rangpur limes, juniper, bay leaf, ginger and other botanicals.
    • Produced by Tanqueray
    • Around $22 per 750 mL bottle
    • Released February 2007
    • 41.3% alc./volume (82.6 proof)
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     Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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    Tanqueray Malacca Gin

    Tanqueray Malacca Gin with Tanqueray London Dry Gin
    Tanqueray Malacca is a popular gin from the iconic brand, though it only makes an appearance every now and then. S&C Design Studios

    Tanqueray Malacca is a Sweet Treat When Its Around 

    In 1997, Tanqueray released a gin that was sweeter and had more citrus notes than their popular London dry gin that comes in the iconic green bottle. This gin was known as Tanqueray Malacca Gin and it was only available until 2001, but 2013 finds us with more Malacca on the market in a limited edition re-release that is welcome by many who explore the oldest of gin cocktails.

    What Makes Malacca Different

    Tanqueray Malacca is best described as a sweetened Tanqueray London Dry Gin with notes of citrus, primarily grapefruit. The juniper is far more relaxed as well, making it a great gin for those who do not normally enjoy the juniper-forward profiles that tend to define a London dry. It uses a recipe of spices that founder Charles Tanqueray developed in the 1830's.

    When Malacca was first brought back in the 1990's it was touted as a modern substitute for Old Tom Gin, which was virtually impossible to find in the United States. These sweeter gins were the original gins used in many of the classic cocktails that were seeing a resurgence at the time and many drinkers and bartenders were seeking a way to get a real taste for these old-time drinks. It fit the bill perfectly, with the likes of David Wondrich recommending it as an Old Tom Gin substitute in his book, Imbibe! From Absinthe Cocktail to Whiskey Smash. Even at the 2007 printing of that book, Malacca was discontinued, though sought after.

    Twelve years after being pulled from the shelves, Malacca is back, but it is a different world.

    The gin revolution has given us a number of Old Tom Gins and other sweetened gins to choose from, yet there is still something about that bottle of Malacca that makes it stand out. It has to be the balance of spices, the pronounced grapefruit, and the smooth taste that was perfected so long ago that keeps it going.

    It remains one of my favorites of this style and one can only hope that Tanqueray will realize its value and break it free from the limited edition moniker that currently tags it.

    Drinking Tanqueray Malacca

    This is a fun gin to taste and it has a unique profile all its own. It has a citrus, rather than juniper, lead. This graduates into a palate of a mix of spices that include a softer juniper, cinnamon, and clove, and that follows into the long finish that leaves you wanting more.

    Mix this gin in any classic cocktail of your choice, especially any that call (or did) for Old Tom Gin. Just open up an old bartending book and you will find Old Tom Gin over and over again.

    There is also an Old Tom Gin specific version of the Martini called Good Times, which is a perfect way to taste this gin. You will find this to make a great Gin & Tonic as well.

    For a modern, Malacca-specific cocktail, try out The Malacca Flip from Nicolas Oliveira. It includes maraschino and hibiscus syrup in a classically-styled cocktail that is too good to resist.

    About Tanqueray Malacca

    • Sweetened gin distilled with a proprietary blend of spices.
    • Limited edition of 10,000 cases released in February 2013
    • 40% alc/volume (80 proof)
    • Retails for around $31.99/750ml bottle
    • Visit Their Website

    Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.