15 Watermelon Cocktails and Mocktails for Summer

Summer wouldn't be the same without a watermelon drink or two

Summer is watermelon season, and that's a perfect excuse to explore watermelon drinks. The options are numerous, from cocktails like margaritas, martinis, and mojitos to a nonalcoholic lemonade and punch.

Many drink recipes use fresh watermelon (ideal for those picnic leftovers), and because the fruit is so watery, it quickly transforms into a sweet juice. Some watermelon cocktails use watermelon liqueur instead, and watermelon pairs wonderfully with gin, rum, tequila, and vodka. There's something for everyone, so enjoy the sunshine and stay refreshed with these summer-worthy mixed drinks.

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    Watermelon Margarita

    Fresh Watermelon Margaritas

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    The margarita is an ideal venue for the sweet taste of melons. This watermelon margarita is a great way to use up an oversized melon or pre-cut pieces from the market. You'll need a muddler and the typical margarita ingredients of tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. Mix up a round or two, and your melon stash will be gone before you know it.

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    Mini Watermelon Margarita

    Mini watermelon margarita

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    No need to dirty a glass when you have baby watermelon! In the mini watermelon margarita recipe, the melon becomes the drinking vessel. After cutting off the top, use your immersion blender to juice the melon, then add tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. Stir the mix and enjoy it through a straw.

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    Watermelon Martini

    Watermelon martini

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    Capture that sweet taste of summer in a fresh watermelon martini. The recipe uses fresh juice, which is easy to make in the blender, or you can go the low-tech route and mash it with your trusty muddler. Choose a great vodka, and be sure to use fresh lime juice and homemade simple syrup. Shake it all up, and you will have the freshest, fruitiest martini possible.

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    Independence Day Mojito

    Shellback Rum's Independence Day Mojito Cocktail Recipe

    Shellback Rum

    Raspberries, mint, and watermelon come together wonderfully in the Independence Day mojito. It's a fun spin on the original mojito, requires the same amount of preparation, and is a fantastic way to cool down. Stick with the recommended light rum or pour an aged rum for a little more depth.

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    Watermelon Cucumber Cooler

    Watermelon Cucumber Cooler Aviation Gin Cocktail Recipe

    Aviation Gin

    Cucumber is one of the best flavor pairings for fresh melon of any variety is ​the cucumber. To show off this perfect match, mix up the watermelon cucumber cooler. With a floral gin base, fresh lime, a hint of syrup, and soda for sparkle, it's easy to mix up and perfect for an afternoon on the patio.

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    Summertime Fruit Punch Lemonade

    Watermelon strawberry kiwi bowl in garden

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    The summertime fruit punch lemonade is a vodka cocktail with sparkling pink lemonade, so it's very refreshing. It also includes fresh watermelon, which is paired with fresh parsley for a surprising twist. It's a unique recipe and an easy one to transform into a punch so you can share the taste adventure.

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    Peppermelon cocktail by H. Joseph Ehrmann

    Bluecoat Gin

    When you feel like something equally unique, the peppermelon recipe is a great choice. It's a fruity gin martini with a spicy twist that comes from homemade black pepper honey syrup. A brilliant contrast to fresh watermelon and lemon juices against the gin's botanical foundation, the flavor is sensational.

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    Watermelon Beer

    A frosty mug of watermelon beer

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    The vanilla simple syrup gives this watermelon beer recipe just the right amount of sweetness. It's a take on the popular shandy and is made with just three ingredients, including leftover watermelon and wheat beer. Crisp and fruity, it's most refreshing.

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    Frozen Watermelon Coconut Mojito

    Frozen Watermelon Coconut Mojitos

    The Spruce

    Break out the blender because it's time to combine three great summer elements into a boozy smoothie. The frozen watermelon coconut mojito blends fresh watermelon and mint with coconut rum and milk to create a creamy cocktail. You'll catch that refreshing coolness of the mint in the background of every sip, and it's sure to be a crowd-pleaser at the neighborhood barbecue.

    Too Much Watermelon?

    Naturally, the flesh of a watermelon contains a lot of water, so it's the ideal fruit to freeze for later. When you have too much on hand, freeze watermelon cubes and it will be ready for drinks until watermelon season comes around again.

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    Vodka-Spiked Watermelon

    Drunken Watermelon Slices With Vodka

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    Why drink spiked watermelon juice when you can eat it? Making a vodka-spiked watermelon is easy: Cut a hole in a whole watermelon, insert a bottle of vodka, and let it infuse the flesh overnight. It's a fun treat for summer parties and works with rum and tequila, too.

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    Watermelon Vodka

    Learn how to make watermelon vodka
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    When you have an excess of cut watermelon, use it to make watermelon-infused vodka. It takes about a week for the flavor to develop and can then be used in nearly any vodka cocktail to give it a fruity summer spin.

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    Watermelon Cosmo

    Easy Bols watermelon cosmo cocktail

    Lucas Bols

    While you may be most familiar with bright green melon liqueurs like Midori, watermelon liqueurs are also available. There are many possibilities with this sweet, red liqueur, and the watermelon cosmo is an excellent place to begin. It is everything you love about the original cosmopolitan, complete with cranberry and vodka, but the watermelon is a welcomed twist.

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    Gummy Bear Margarita

    Gummi bear margarita

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    Watermelon Pucker is like all of DeKuyper's "Pucker" schnapps; a little sweeter than most and a lot of fun in cocktails. And what could be more fun than a gummy bear margarita? This is one of those candy-inspired cocktails that bring out the kid in every adult. It's a simple margarita recipe that's shaken and served on the rocks; just be sure to include the gummy bear garnish.

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    Watermelon Lemonade

    Fresh Watermelon Lemonade

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    Watermelon lemonade is an ideal refrigerator drink for summer. The recipe walks you through all the steps of juicing the lemons and watermelon and developing the ideal balance of sweet and tart flavors to fit your taste. Even if this is your first time making fresh-squeezed lemonade, it's easy, and the results are delicious.

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    Watermelon Punch

    Watermelon Punch With Raspberry Lemonade

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    Fresh raspberry lemonade and juicy watermelon come together spectacularly in the watermelon punch recipe. Using a 15-pound watermelon, it will serve between 12 to 20 people. The base is nonalcoholic and family-friendly, but you can spike it by the glass with rum, tequila, or vodka.