Tea Brewing Times and Temperatures

Yukiko Yamamoto / EyeEm/Getty Images

Every type of tea has an optimum water temperature for brewing and a time range for steeping that allows for maximum flavor without bitterness.

Generally, young teas like white or green tea ​should be brewed with lower temperature water so that their delicate flavor compounds are not damaged. Teas that have been fermented, like black or oolong, can withstand more heat and the higher temperatures help extract the complex flavors.

Likewise, brewing times for each tea vary. Some teas will get bitter if left to steep too long while others can steep indefinitely.

Use this handy chart to help brew the perfect cup of tea!

Tea Brewing Times and Temperatures

Tea Type Celsius Fahrenheit Brewing Time
White Tea 65-70ºC 150-155ºF 1-2 min.
Green Tea 75-80ºC 165-175ºF 1-2 min.
Oolong Tea 80-85ºC 175-185ºF 2-3 min.
Black Tea 100ºC (boiling) 210ºF 2-3 min.
Herbal Tea 100ºC (boiling) 210ºF 3-6 min.