Tea, Coffee & Poop

Close-Up Of Milk Being Poured In Coffee
Michelle Arnold / EyeEm / Getty Images

If we mention poop and coffee together, it may draw to mind some of coffee culture's jokes about how "coffee gets you going", perhaps the infamous "cat poop coffee" of Indonesia or even the poop drinking scene in "Austin Powers II: The Spy Who Shagged Me". If we mention poop and tea, you may be more inclined to think of a so-called "diet tea" with questionable safety. But tea, coffee, and poop have much more overlap than you might guess! From the poop-inducing effects of caffeine to drinks made from "poop-processed" tea leaves or coffee beans, there are lots of connections between the drinks we put into our bodies and what comes out the other end.

Does Coffee Make You Poop?

For some people at some times, the answer is a resounding "Yes", coffee does make them poop. For others, it's not so certain. 

Does Tea Make You Poop?

Like coffee, tea contains caffeine. Caffeine is thought to have a general laxative effect by both relaxing and stimulating the colon. Effects vary from person to person, but for some people, drinking or eating anything with much caffeine will make them go. For others, it's the specific chemical makeup of coffee that makes them poop, so tea doesn't have the same, ahem, impact.

"Cat" Poop Coffee

There is a rare type of coffee known as "cat coffee", "kopi luwak" or "poop coffee". It doesn't come from cats, but it DOES come from poop. It is made from the droppings of a small, cat-like or civet-like creature found on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. While quite costly, according to some coffee connoisseurs, it's worth every penny due to its layered, smooth, rich taste.

Worm Poop Tea

There is an unusual type of pu-erh tea that is not only fermented but also run through the digestive systems of worms. Perhaps you could call it poo-poo pu-erh. It's incredibly expensive and rare and is said to taste unbelievably rich, smooth and complex.

Panda Poop Tea

Even rarer than worm poop pu-erh is panda poop tea. This is not so much due to the difficulty of "harvesting" the "end product" after digestion, as it is due to the rarity of pandas. Panda poop tea is mainly a marketing gimmick, but like other "poop-processed" drinks, it is said to have a unique flavor that appeals to connoisseurs.

Laxative Teas

Usually herbal teas rather than true teas, laxative teas are herbal infusions that make you poop. They are usually marketed as "diet teas". Some are considered to be unsafe because, frankly, they make you poop way too much.