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Glossary of Techniques

Discover the many different techniques that will improve your cooking and confidence in the kitchen.
What Is a Panade?
Corvina grapes drying for Amarone production
What Is Appassimento in Winemaking?
Add the stock to the sauce, incorporate the stock into the reduced glaze
What Is a Reduction?
Hasselback Butternut Squash
How to Hasselback Anything
Poached Egg On Toast with avocado
Poached Egg Recipe
What is basting?
What Is Basting?
Add tomato paste mixture
The Basics of Making Stock
What is the Mailllard reaction?
What Is the Maillard Reaction?
Eggs à la Florentine
Introduction to the Florentine Culinary Method
Club Steak
What Is Club Steak?
illustration showing how to press tofu
How to Press Tofu to Remove Moisture
How to cook brown rice
How to Cook Brown Rice Perfectly (No Burning or Sticking)
Sesame Seeds
How to Toast Sesame Seeds
Scaling Ingredients
How to Scale a Recipe
Blanching tomatoes
Blanching in Cooking and Food Preservation
Slices of Chateaubriand roast
Is Chateaubriand a Cut of Beef or a Method of Preparation?
Beef blade steak
What Is Blade Steak?
Ripe avocado cut open
How to Speed up the Ripening of Avocados
Close up of bamboo skewers
How and When to Soak Bamboo Skewers
Confit: A Classical Preservation Technique for Duck, Goose and Pork
Caramelizing creme brulee
Caramelization: It's What Makes Food Turn Brown When You Cook It
Place setting and wine on rustic wood table
How to Plan a Dinner Party
Man sharpening a knife
How To Use A Knife Sharpening Steel
Buttermilk fried chicken
Tips on the Shallow-Frying Method
Sprouting at home
The Benefits of Raw Sprouted Nuts, Seeds, Beans, and Grains
Mushroom sauce
Sauce Recipes for Meat and Pork
How to Make an Ice Ball
How to Make Ice Balls
Trio of meat pâtés
Garde Manger: Cold Kitchen Foods and Preservation
What Is a Cutlet?
What Is Liaison?
Macerated Fruit
How to Macerate Fruit
A cutting board with onion, celery, and carrots
What Is Mirepoix?
Why Does My Quinoa Taste Bitter and How Do I Fix It?
Piping choux pastry dough
Choux Pastry: A Double-Cooked, Rich Pastry Dough
A tray of canapés.
What Are Canapés?
Man beating eggs with a whisk
How to Pasteurize Eggs in the Microwave
Orange custard tart
What is Custard?
Ingredients for Greek butter cookies with sesame (koulourakia)
The Science Behind Common Baking Ingredients
Roasted chicken
The Difference Between Roasting and Baking
spice sachet
Spice Sachet in Cooking
Brown rice on wooden spoon
Make Perfect Rice
Female taster looking at the colour of whisky in glass at whisky distillery
The Effects of Aging on Liquor
Cooked frogs legs with green beans on a plate
What Are Frog Legs?
Bowl of grass fed beef stew
Braising and Stewing Techniques and Tips
Raw Pork Chop
Definition of Chop
What is Cooking?
What Is Cooking?
Har gow shrimp dumplings recipe
All About Steaming
Picking up noodles with chopsticks
How to Use Chopsticks
What is Top Round or Inside Round?
Using a digital instant-read thermometer to measure the temperature of a roast chicken
Instant-Read Thermometer
Roast beef
Béarnaise Sauce
Cup with flour
How to Measure Flour Accurately
Eggplant involtini
Involtini: Italian Small Bite-Sized Bundles of Food
al dente
What Is Al Dente?
What Is Convection?
Roast meat
How to Roast Meat
What Is Blanching?
A pot of court bouillon
Court Bouillon
Prick bottom of crust
How to Dock a Pastry
Deglazing a pan
How to Deglaze a Pan

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