9 Tequila Shots That Will Rock Your World

Mix 'Em, Shoot 'Em, Enjoy!

Tequila and shot drinks are natural companions. When you pour a shooter, you know that the party's really about to get started and, admittedly, they are almost too much fun.

When someone says "Let's do tequila shots!" you probably think of a straight pour of tequila with lime and salt on the side, but the tequila shot can be so much more. From quick ideas for fun and fruity mixes to recipes with a nice amount of spice, there's a tequila shot for everyone and every party.

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    Straight Tequila Shots

    A trio of tequila shots with sugar and salt rims
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    Lick, Sip, Suck... That is how the classic tequila shot goes down and there is a purpose behind the lime-salt method.

    The tequila shot has grown up, though. There's no reason to stick to this routine or continue pouring gold tequila into your shot glasses. Step it up with a 100% blue Weber agave tequila or get a little crazy and choose one of the aged styles. You can also rim the shot glass with funky sugars or salt. Have fun and enjoy a new twist on the straight tequila shot!

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    Sangrita Tequila Shot
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    We'll stick with tradition for one more shot and revisit the double-banger known as the Sangrita.

    Maybe you have enjoyed the spicy tomato Sangrita, but did you know that there is another variation that has not been Americanized? The original Sangrita still has that spicy kick and requires a post-tequila chaser, but it uses an orange juice and grenadine base with a dash (or two) of hot sauce. It's a blast!

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    El Vocho

    Milagro Tequila's El Vocho Shooter Recipe
    Milagro Tequila

    Inspired by the Sangrita, El Vocho takes a different route when it comes to the chaser. It does require a bit more work, but it's certainly worth it.

    For this shooter, you will blend up a mix of pineapple juice, cilantro, and mint to create a green chaser that resembles a fresh kale smoothie. Add a jalapeno, pour a straight tequila shot, and enjoy the ride!

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    Crouching Tiger

    Crouching Tiger Tequila Shooters
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    Tequila shots do have a softer side and the Crouching Tiger shows this off perfectly.

    This shooter requires just two ingredients and once you get a taste for the sweet nectar that is lychee and tequila, well, it's very hard to stop. There in lies the danger here, it's almost too good! Try to take it easy, though we understand just how difficult that can be.

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    Mexican Samurai

    Ty Ku's Mexican Samurai Tequila Shot
    Photo Courtesy: © TY KU Liqueur

    Another seductively sweet shooter, the Mexican Samurai is of the gentler sort and it's almost too delicious to slam in one gulp.

    To create this shooter, you will want to begin by preparing a fresh sour mix (don't worry, it's easy). Come party time, simply shake that with your favorite tequila and the electric green fruit liqueur called TY KU. Strain it, shoot it, and savor the sweetness!

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    Firecracker Tequila Shot
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    For the Firecracker, we're going to mix three of our favorite party booze and get a real punch of flavor.

    Beyond the tequila, the choice of schnapps for this shooter is very specific. You will need Rumple Minze for its 100-proof smack of peppermint and Goldschlager for its sweet cinnamon and sparkling gold flakes. It may not be the easiest shot to get down, but it sure is unforgettable.

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    The Office Party

    Hornitos Tequila's Office Party Shooter
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    The Office Party is not at all what it looks like and the surprise ingredient will delight everyone at the party.

    This recipe mixes a reposado tequila with lime, ginger, and grenadine. While that sounds normal, it all begins with red bell pepper juice. If you have not yet put a muddler to a bell pepper, run to the kitchen and try it right now. This is an unknown veggie juice that is both surprising and fantastic and it only gets better when mixed into the shooter.

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    Wake the Dead

    Patron Tequila's Wake the Dead Shooter
    Photo Courtesy: © Patron Spirits

    Coffee, coffee, tequila! It is time to Wake the Dead.

    This simple shot appeals to your espresso-loving taste buds. Just mix cold espresso with coffee liqueur, and finish it off with tequila. You're left with a caffeinated, tequila-soaked shooter that's sure to keep the party going.

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    Apocalypse Now

    Apocalypse Now Shooter
    © MSPhotographic / Dollar Photo Club

    We're going to finish off the list by revisiting a couple of old favorites. We will begin with that odd shooter named for the movie,
    "Apocalypse Now."

    The mix of tequila, dry vermouth, and Irish cream is certainly not an ordinary one and you'll be surprised to find out that it actually works. Be bold, be brave, and give this truly unique blend a try.

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