12 Tequila Shots That Will Rock Your World

Mix 'Em, Shoot 'Em, Enjoy!

Tequila Shots With Lime

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Tequila and shot drinks are natural companions and a sign that the party's really getting started. When someone says "let's do tequila shots!" you probably think of a straight pour of tequila with lime and salt on the side, but the tequila shot can be so much more. From quick ideas and fruity mixes to recipes with a spicy kick, there's a tequila shot for everyone and every party.


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    Straight Tequila Shot

    High Angle View Of Tequila Shots By Lime And Salt On Table
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    Lick, sip, suck... That is how the classic tequila shot goes down. While it's a fun way to take your tequila, there is an actual purpose behind the method: the salt cools the burn and the lime enhances the flavor.

    The tequila shot has grown up, too! There's no reason to stick to this routine or continue pouring gold tequila into your shot glasses. Skip the lime and salt, step it up with a 100% blue Weber agave tequila or splurge on one of the aged styles. You can also rim the shot glass with funky sugars or salt. Have fun and enjoy a new twist on the straight tequila shot.

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    Sangrita Tequila Shot

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    Sticking with tradition, it's always fun to revisit the double-banger known as the sangrita. It's possible that you've enjoyed the spicy tomato shot, but that is an Americanized version and the original is arguably a little better.

    The authentic sangrita still has that spicy kick and requires a post-tequila chaser. However, it uses an orange juice and grenadine base with a dash or two of hot sauce. It's a blast and definitely an experience you won't forget.

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    El Vocho

    Milagro Tequila's El Vocho Shooter Recipe
    Milagro Tequila

    Inspired by the sangrita, the chaser for el vocho takes a completely different route. It does require a bit more work, but it's worth it.

    For this shooter, you'll blend up a mix of pineapple juice, cilantro, and mint to create a green chaser that resembles a fresh kale smoothie. Add a jalapeño, pour a straight tequila shot, and enjoy the ride!

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    Lychee Tequila Shot

    Lychee Tequila Shooter (aka Crouching Tiger Shot)

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    Tequila shots do have a softer side and the lychee tequila shows this off perfectly. This shooter requires just two ingredients and once you get a taste for the sweet nectar that is lychee and tequila, it's very hard to stop. Therein lies the danger here: it's almost too good!

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    Mexican Samurai

    Ty Ku's Mexican Samurai Tequila Shot

    Ty Ku Liqueur

    Another seductive shooter, the Mexican Samurai is of the gentler sort. In fact, you might want to slow down and sip this one.

    To create this shooter, you will want to prepare a fresh sour mix (don't worry, it's easy). Come party time, simply shake that with your favorite tequila and the electric green fruit liqueur called Ty Ku. Strain it, shoot it, and savor the sweetness!

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    Wake the Dead

    Patron Tequila's Wake the Dead Shooter

    Patron Spirits

    Coffee, coffee, tequila! It is time to wake the dead. This simple shot appeals to your espresso-loving taste buds. Just mix cold espresso with coffee liqueur, and finish it off with tequila. You're left with a caffeinated, tequila-soaked shooter that's sure to keep the party going.

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    Apocalypse Now

    Apocalypse Now Shot Drink

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    If you want to go old-school, try the shooter named after the movie, "Apocalypse Now." It's a mix of tequila, dry vermouth, and Irish cream and you'll be surprised to find how much it actually works. Be bold, be brave, and give this unique blend a try.

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    Tequila Slammer

    Tequila Slammer
    Andrew Bret Wallis / Stockbyte / Getty Images

    It's time to get messy! Well, hopefully not, but the chances are pretty good that you'll spill a bit while drinking the tequila slammer. There's really not much to this shot; it's just tequila and ginger ale. What makes it fun is the way you "mix" it by slamming it into a fizzing shooter on the bar. Drink it fast and have a towel ready.

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    Prairie Fire

    Prairie Fire Tequila Shot

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    Would you like a little Tabasco with your tequila? The prairie fire is the shot for you. When you keep the hot sauce in check, this is actually a great way to give your tequila a spicy kick. If, however, you overdo it you may not be tasting anything for a while!

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    Margarita Jelly Shot

    Margarita Jello Shots

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    There are times that call for a well-crafted margarita, but there are also parties where the margarita jelly shot is a whole lot more fun. Unbelievably simple, this jello shot recipe takes everything that's great about the cocktail and transforms it into a jiggly shooter. You can even customize it in many different ways, so let your inner mad scientist out and start playing around in the kitchen!

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    Mexican Flag

    Mexican Flag Shot

     Suzanne Barbezat

    It's time to hone your bartending skills and learn how to layer your booze. This simple shooter is designed to look like a Mexican flag with its layers of grenadine, tequila, and crème de menthe. Floating the three ingredients is relatively easy, so it's perfect for beginners and the taste is, well, interesting to say the least!

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    Three Wise Men Visit Mexico

    Three Wise Men Whiskey Shot

    The Spruce Eats

    In the bartending world, the "three wise men" are Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniel, and Jim Beam. The whiskey trio makes for a pretty intense shot and it gets even crazier when Jose Cuervo's invited to the party. Enjoy your "trip" to Mexico, just be sure to take it easy when you get there!

After Tequila Shots: Hangover Cures

Now that you've filled your head with tequila shots, it might be a good time to review a few hangover cures. If there's even the slightest chance that you'll wake up in the morning with a doozy of a headache (or worse), it can help to be prepared. Have water and food ready, think about getting a little exercise, and avoid caffeine and painkillers.