Eating and Cooking While Traveling in Thailand

Try A Taste of Thailand!

Find out how to take a culinary tour of Thailand with this great Thai travel resource. Take it from Thailand Travel Guide: if you're a Thai food fan, you'll love traveling around Thailand and sampling everything Thai cuisine has to offer.  Or better yet, plan your trip accordingly - with great food in mind.  Below you'll find plenty of ideas to make your visit to Thailand tasty as well as memorable.  Check it out and have a great trip!

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    What You'll Eat in Thailand, Region by Region

    Eating on a Thai Beach

    Learn more about the various regions of Thailand to get a feeling for Thai cooking as a whole. If you’re like me, you'll find your culinary instincts relate better to some areas more than others. This, in turn, will give you a clue as to where you might like to travel within the country.

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    Try Some of the Best Street Food in Bangkok!

    Thai Street Food
    Street Vendors Selling a Variety of Delicious Dishes.

    From dawn to late at night, Bangkok street vendors prepare full meals and people from all walks of life stop at their street-side carts to enjoy them. In fact, most Thais as well as visitors consider Thai street food superior in taste to anything available at a restaurant - and it's much cheapter too!

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    Learn to Cook Thai Food in Bangkok

    Stir-Frying Demonstration
    Stir-Frying Demonstration.

    When it comes to Thai food, Bangkok is considered the Mecca - all the best Thai dishes can be found here, including hundreds of beautifully created Thai desserts. Spend a day - or a week! - learning how to cook your favorite Thai dishes at one of these exciting Thai cooking schools in Bangkok.

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    Great Places to Eat in Phuket

    Whole Fish Served at a Beachside Restaurant in Phuket
    Whole Fish Served at a Beachside Restaurant in Phuket. D. Schmidt

    Phuket is Thailand's most famous tourist destinations. On the island of Phuket you'll find superb beaches as well as great food. Learn more about where to eat on this beautiful Thai island.

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    Cooking Classes Combined with Resort Living in Phuket

    Cutting a Pineapple for a Popular Phuket Dish
    Cutting a Fresh Pineapple for a Popular Phuket Dish (Heavenly Pineapple Fried Rice). D.Schmidt

    Spend your vacation at a beautiful Phuket beach AND learn to cook the wonderful local cuisine all in one trip. Phuket is known for its fresh seafood dishes, great Pad Thai noodles, and wonderful BBQ dishes, all cooked up on a gorgeous Thai beach. What could make for a better vacation?

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    Cooking Classes in Beautiful Samui

    Beach at Samui.

    One of the most beautiful areas of Thailand, Samui offers cooking classes near - or on - the beach. Fresh seafood is, of course, one of the stars on the menu. Learn more about Thai eating and cooking in this very desirable region.

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    Best Eateries in the Northern City of Chiang Mai

    Thai Dishes at a Chiang Mai Restaurant
    Thai Dishes at a Chiang Mai Restaurant.

    Chiang Mai is a gold mine of incredible restaurants, including many vegetarian, vegan, and organic options. It is also considered one of the spiritual capitals of Thailand, so if a more peaceful atmosphere appeals to you, this may be the right destination for you.  Find out more with this list of great places to eat in Chiang Mai.

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    Thai Cooking in the Northern City of Chiang Mai

    Thai Temple.

    Chiang Mai is a mountainous city located in the north of Thailand. Recently Chiang Mai has been undergoing a kind of food revolution. While the city used to be known for its red meat dishes, it is now becoming a haven for vegetarian and vegan Thai cuisine, as well as healthy organic produce. The city also offers a more peaceful, some would say spiritual atmosphere than the more hectic south. If this appeals to you, check out two of the most famous cooking schools located there.