9 Thanksgiving Crockpot Recipes

Free Your Oven with These Slow Cooker Dishes for the Feast

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Casserole

The Spruce

Most of us use our crockpot to cook one or two dishes for Thanksgiving. But did you know that you can cook almost an entire Thanksgiving dinner in the crockpot? And it doesn't have to be an alternative Thanksgiving menu.

Think of your crockpot as a kitchen assistant. Side dishes, desserts, and main dishes can be assembled, then you just forget about them until it's time to eat. It's like having a couple of sous chefs on hand.

Mix and match these recipes, and be sure to add a few fresh items. Crisp Green Salads and sweet Fruit Salads not only vary temperature and texture, but color and flavor on your holiday plate.

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    Three-Ingredient Crockpot Turkey Breast

    Three Ingredient Crockpot Turkey
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    Cranberries and dry onion soup mix add fabulous flavor to turkey breast in this simple recipe. You start with a frozen turkey breast, and you can choose bone-in or boneless. It's an easy way to make up to six servings of succulent turkey.

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    Traditional Crockpot Stuffing

    Traditional Crockpot Stuffing
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    If you're cooking for a crowd, making extra stuffing in the crockpot is a great way please everyone.This traditional stuffing recipe cooks perfectly in your crockpot and will serve 12. If you're roasting the big bird in the oven, you can start this in the crockpot and everything will be ready by dinner time.

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    Crockpot Garlic Smashed Potatoes

    Crockpot Mashed Potatoes
    Linda Larsen

    You've probably realized you can cook and mash potatoes the usual way and then keep them hot in the crockpot on Thanksgiving. But this recipe keeps all of the steps in the slow cooker itself. You don't even have to peel the potatoes if you like a more rustic dish. That means a lot less mess and fewer steps, and your family will love the result.

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    Slow Cooker Green Bean Casserole

    Green bean casserole
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    This version of the classic casserole uses canned soup and frozen green beans. Since it requires very little effort, you can spend time focused on other dishes, or relaxing with a glass of wine

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    Slow Cooker Cranberry Sauce

    Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving Salad
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    This is a simple fresh cranberry sauce cooked the slow cooker. With only four ingredients and a small amount of water, the cranberry sauce -- or relish -- takes just minutes to prepare. 

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    Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Casserole

    Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Casserole

    The Spruce

    Sweet potatoes are another side dish that is easy to make in the slow cooker. Just peel, slice, and cook with your favorite additions. This recipe uses classic crunchy brown sugar and pecan topping. 

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    Crockpot Roasted Vegetables

    Crock pot roasted veggies

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    You can roast any hard root vegetables you love in the crockpot to serve as classic sides with the feast. Carrots, potatoes, turnips, rutabagas, or sweet potatoes will be ready when the turkey is.

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    Crockpot Spinach Dip

    spinach dip
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    Keep the crowd happy while the rest of dinner cooks with this easy hot dip. It's perfect with crackers, carrot sticks, or celery sticks. Plus, it's a vegetable serving, right?

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    Crockpot Pumpkin Pie Pudding

    Slow Cooker PUmpkin Pudding
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    Here's a fun pie alternative. Cook the pumpkin pie pudding in your crockpot. You can serve it decorated with pie crust cutouts baked in your oven. Or, top it with crushed nuts.