The Art of Gifting: How to Elevate Premium Scotch

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Johnnie Walker Black

A premium bottle is always going to be a welcome gift for a scotch lover — but even though he or she surely love a bottle on its own, pairing an impeccable scotch with some other thought-out items this holiday season will make for more memorable gifts.

In order to create the perfect gift for some of your favorite people, we’ve come up with some special items to pair with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label — a scotch recognized around the globe for its exceptional balance, smoothness, and smoky flavor profile. Here are some inspired ideas for the scotch lovers in your life.

For the Aspiring Bartender

Johnnie Walker - Bartender

As people have been sprucing up their homes over the past year and a half, the bar (or bar cart, as the case may be!) has been no exception. And if a friend has taken up an interest in cocktail-making, you may want to consider gifting a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label along with a bottle of artisan bitters and handwritten instructions for making a Whisky Old Fashioned. Want to go the extra mile? A tray for making large ice cubes and a set of classic crystal tumblers wouldn’t hurt.

For the Cozy Homebody

Johnnie Walker

We all have a friend (or family member) who’d much rather dive into a new book than go check out the hottest new restaurant in town. For the person who’d rather get comfy than get dressed up and go out, make a glass of Johnnie Walker Black Label an essential part of their next night in. Gift a bottle along with a book on their list, a vibrant puzzle, and perhaps even an adult coloring book. If you’d like to help them get extra cozy, consider a pair of athleisure-style sweats or a pair of super-warm, super-soft socks. Night in, done.

For the Host with the Most

Johnnie Walker - Host w/ the Most

Holiday party season is almost upon us, and that means host gifts aren’t far behind. For your friends who love to play host, bring a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black with a set of tumblers. If you’d like to level up for your favorite party host, add a wooden serving board and some cheese knives — he or she will thank you, as will the other guests!