The Best Herbs to Grow for Bread Baking Ingredients

Fresh herbs

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Nothing tastes more delicious than freshly baked bread flavored with the herbs from your garden. This list of eight herbs is perfect for people who want easy to grow herbs that they can use, fresh or dried, to make their own unique herbal breads.

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    Basil plant

    A readily available herb, basil leaves can be added, fresh or dried, to bread dough. Basil complements garlic and can be used to make a delicious garlic basil loaf.

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    Caraway seeds

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    This biennial plant is grown for its flavorful seeds. Caraway seeds are used in pumpernickel bread and rye bread.

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    Chopped chives

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    Chives are a hardy perennial that is easy to grow in the garden. Chives can be used freshly chopped and added to bread dough for a mild onion flavor. Chives can also be used to liven up toasted garlic bread.

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    Dill seeds

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    Like caraway, the dill plant is grown for its spicy seeds. The seeds are used to flavor bread and biscuits. Finely ground, the seeds can also be whipped in butter to make a tasty spread.

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    Fennel seeds

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    Fennel is a perennial that is easy to start from seeds. The seeds are collected, dried, and used to flavor bread and biscuits.

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    Rosemary plants

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    Rosemary is a favorite herb for many gardeners. A small amount of finely ground leaves can be added to bread dough for flavoring. Another way to flavor white bread with rosemary is to place a sprig of rosemary on the baking sheet when baking your bread. It will flavor your bread, as well as the kitchen.

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    Sage plants

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    Sage is another popular garden herb. It can be added fresh or dried to bread dough and scones for a delicious flavor.

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    Thyme plant

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    Garden thyme, a perennial, can be grown to flavor bread and biscuits. When used fresh, you need only use a small amount because of the strong flavor. When dried and finely ground, thyme can be whipped with butter to make a delicious spread to be used on bread.