The Best Kosher Wines Under $20

Selection of Kosher Wines
Miri Rotkovitz

If you reflexively think "Manischewitz" when you hear the phrase "kosher wine," think again. Sweet sacramental wines are far from the only game in town. The kosher wine industry is booming, with ever-widening availability of varietals from around the world. Wine Spectator's October 2016 issue was largely devoted to Israeli wine, and featured mostly kosher bottles. The cover headline touted "Surprising Quality from an Emerging Region." Of course, considering Israel's status as a winemaking country since antiquity, it has distinct advantages when it comes to terroir, as do many of the other regions now producing great kosher wines.  

Kosher wines do have a reputation for being more expensive and less sophisticated then their non-kosher counterparts, but there are definitely nice finds to be had, even if you're on a budget. This evolving list will help you hone in on bottles that offer a good value and tasting experience, whether you drink kosher wine exclusively or not. 

Tip: If your local wine merchant doesn't stock much kosher wine, consider looking online. and are two good sources. 

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    Elvi Herenza Rioja 2014, $14

    Elvi Herenza Rioja 2014
    Miri Rotkovitz

    Made from 100% Tempranillo, Elvi Wine's 2014 Rioja is aromatic of cherry, with chocolate, spice and oak on the palate.

    Not Mevushal. 13.5% Alcohol.

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    Terra di Seta Chianti Classico 2013, $20

    Terra di Seta Chianti Classico
    Miri Rotkovitz

    Comprised of 95% Sangiovese and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, Terra de Seta's organic Chianti Classico carries the D.O.C.G classification, reflecting its use of Tuscan estate-grown grapes. 

    Aged in French oak for 12 months, this ruby-hued Chianti starts with a lively peppery bite, then opens up to display smooth cherry and floral notes.

    Pair it with pasta dishes, beef or aged cheeses.  

    Not Mevushal. Kosher for Passover. 14% Alcohol.

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    La Fille du Boucher Bordeaux Reserve 2014, $15

    La Fille du Boucher Reserve Bordeaux 2014
    Miri Rotkovitz

    ​Parisian kosher steakhouse La Fille du Boucher has started exporting its house wines, including this medium-bodied Bordeaux. Supple tannins, with cassis, berry and spice.

    Pair it with steak, brisket or braised dishes like this Chicken with Prunes and Potatoes.

    Kosher for Passover. 13.5% Alcohol. 

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    Teal Lake Shiraz 2015, $13

    Teal Lake Shiraz
    Miri Rotkovitz

    Teal Lake's Australian Shiraz has long enjoyed go-to status for a reliable–and affordable–kosher red. Soft on the palate, with spice, berry and cherry notes. 

    Pair this with grilled meats or poultry, like Grilled Hawaiian Ribeye Steaks, burgers or Lemon Herb Chicken and Veggie Kebabs

    Kosher for Passover. 13.5% Alcohol

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    Castra Rubra Via Diagonalis 2010, $18

    Castra Rubra Via Diagonalis 2010
    Miri Rotkovitz

    Wine Enthusiast gave this well-balanced blend a respectable 89 rating. Velvety tannins, with jammy plum, cherry, spice, anise and vanilla notes. 

    Bonus: If you're looking for a wine for a Harry Potter-themed party, this bottle's Diagon Alley-esque moniker makes it a perfect choice. (Viktor Krum fans, take note: the wine hails from Bulgaria.) 

    Kosher for Passover. 14.5% Alcohol. 

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    Baron Herzog Old Vine Zinfandel Lodi 2014, $13

    Baron Herzog Old Vine Zinfandel Lodi 2014
    Miri Rotkovitz

    Jammy, with oak, spice and vanilla notes. Benefits from aeration, and pairs well with casual fare like burgers, grilled meats or richly-sauced pastas. 

    Kosher for Passover. 15% Alcohol.

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    Gilgal White Riesling Galilee 2014, $16

    Gilgal White Riesling 2014
    Miri Rotkovitz

    Lightly crisp, with floral and citrus notes and some minerality. Drink now.  

    Pair it with salmon, a simple roast chicken or Asian cuisines.

    Not Mevushal. Kosher for Passover. 13% Alcohol. 

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    Baron Herzog Chardonnay Clarksburg 2015, $14

    Baron Herzog Chardonnay Clarksburg 2015
    Miri Rotkovitz

    Fresh and smooth, with peach, apple and tropical fruit notes. A touch of vanilla and oak on the finish. 

    Pair it with with Roasted Pistachio-Crusted Salmon or a simple supper of baguette, salad and a Mushroom and Onion Omelette.

    Kosher for Passover. 13.5% Alcohol.

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    Contessa Annalisa Minutolo 2015, $16

    Contessa Annalisa Collection Minutolo 2015
    Miri Rotkovitz

    Light and smooth, with a long finish, this organic wine from Puglia, Italy is aged in stainless steel tanks, and shows notes of bergamot, chamomile, banana and green apple. Pair it with artichoke dishes.

    Not Mevushal. Kosher for Passover. 12% Alcohol.

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    Covenant Mensch Roussane Lodi 2015, $20

    Covenant Mensch wine label
    Courtesy of Covenant Wines, All Rights Reserved

    ​Nice minerality, with floral, tropical fruit and peach notes. Wine Enthusiast lauded the wine's "gorgeous and expressive" fruit flavors, and "subtle acidity" in its 91-point rating. Covenant utilizes a flash-détente process to render the wine Mevushal without heating it (the grapes are flash heated pre-fermentation instead). 

    Kosher for Passover. 14.2% Alcohol.

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    O'Dwyers Creek Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2016, $17

    O'Dwyers Creek Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2016
    Miri Rotkovitz

    Across vintages, this New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is a consistently good buy. Crisp and approachable, it displays characteristic tropical fruit and grapefruit notes. Nice acidity and minerality, with a hint of grassiness.  

    Kosher for Passover. 12.5% Alcohol. 

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    Yarden Gewurztraminer Galilee 2015, $15

    Yarden Gewurztraminer Galilee 2015
    Miri Rotkovitz

    A surprising find at this price point, the Yarden Gewurztraminer is leggy and nicely viscous, with honeysuckle and graphite on the nose. It's more complex and less cloying than many kosher Gewurztraminers, with some residual sweetness on the finish. 

    Kosher for Passover. 14% Alcohol.

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    Terra Vega Rosé Valle Central 2107, $9

    Terra Vega Rose Valle Central 2017
    Miri Rotkovitz

    This young, quaffable rosé displays pleasant strawberry and light spice notes. A great summer aperitif, it's also ideal year-round to pair with Asian cuisine-inspired dishes. It's also vegan-friendly. 

    Kosher for Passover. 

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    Herzog Late Harvest Orange Muscat 2015, $20

    Herzog Late Harvest Orange Muscat 2015
    Miri Rotkovitz

    A lovely dessert wine, this Late Harvest Muscat displays citrus and apricot notes that also make it a natural for pairing with cheese. 

    8% Alcohol. Kosher for Passover