The Best Vegan Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Bowl of vegan blueberry banana ice cream
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Walk down the frozen aisle of a health food store and you'll find an incredible selection of non-dairy ice creams. There's gelato, sorbet, dairy-free ice cream sandwiches, even fudge popsicles, low-carb, rice-based and soy-based ice creams all made from bananas, coconut milk, soy products and everything in between. Which is best is all up to your taste interpretation. Whether it's all about the creaminess a vegan ice cream option has, how close it gets to the real thing in taste or a variety of flavors.

We have an exhaustive list of vegan ice cream options.

Soy Vegan Ice Cream

My pick for the best dairy-free vegan ice cream is Soy Delicious Purely Decadent. This vegan ice cream is organic, free of refined sugars, lower in fat than traditional ice cream, and comes in a variety of flavors from the popular Chocolate Peanut Butter Zig Zag to the classic flavors of Mint Chip and Rocky Road. I'm also a huge fan of the Chicago Vegan Foods Temptation brand vegan ice cream, which is much richer and creamier than any other soy ice cream I've ever tried, but you can judge for yourself. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor is simply to die for. Unfortunately, Temptation vegan ice cream isn't yet available nationwide, though if you're lucky enough to live in one of these states you're missing out if you haven't already tried it.

Banana Vegan Ice Cream

Vegans looking for more natural ways to get their ice cream fix can look no further than the monkey-liciousness of bananas.

No vegan ice cream is more natural than the use of bananas as a base. While soy is highly processed, bananas are fresh fruit and it can't get any better than that, especially for those following a raw vegan diet. Paleo-eaters enjoy banana ice cream because, in its pure form, it contains no added sugar.

Some enhance their own banana ice cream with coconut sugar.

Coconut Milk Vegan Ice Cream 

Vegan ice cream made with the coconut milk base is gaining popularity as those moving away from soy are choosing brands like Luna and Larry's, Steve's, and Nadamoo!, all of which have a wide selection of flavors to choose from.

New Vegan Ice Cream Options

While soy, coconut milk, and banana are the most popular vegan ice cream bases, there are also brands that feature water-based and almond-based options. These include the Arctic Zero and Almond Dream brands. Want to try your hand at a vegan ice cream or a vegan sorbet? Here are a few easy non-dairy ice cream recipes to try: