Best Fruit Flavored Margarita Recipes

Margaritas come in every flavor imaginable and nearly every fruit pairs well with tequila. When you're in the mood for a refreshing and fruity margarita, you'll have no problems finding a tasty recipe to try.

The original recipe simply uses lime with a hint of orange, so it's naturally a fruity drink. From there, the possibilities are endless, ranging from apples and strawberries to tangerines and melons. These cocktails are fantastic ways to drink the fruits of the season. Fresh fruits are not required for every recipe, either. Many get the flavor from a fruity liqueur, which makes the drink quicker to mix up.

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    The Original Margarita

    Margarita cocktail

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    Any margarita adventure begins with the original margarita recipe. It is a timeless and straightforward drink that only requires three ingredients. Like most cocktails, this one is best when made with fresh lime juice, and the tart flavor is backed up by a quality tequila and orange liqueur. If you feel like firing up the blender, you can always enjoy this margarita frozen.

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    Frozen Strawberry Margarita

    Frozen Strawberry Margarita
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    The strawberry margarita is an icon in the tequila scene and a favorite among blended cocktails. It's also unbelievably easy to mix up. While you can use either frozen or fresh strawberries, there's something special about this drink when the berries come straight out of the garden.

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    Blue Margarita

    Blue Margarita

    The Spruce Eats

    The blue margarita has long been a favorite. This recipe features the same taste as the original margarita but swaps out the orange liqueur. Rather than a triple sec, you'll pour blue curaçao to create an alluring blue cocktail.

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    Raspberry Margarita

    Frozen Raspberry Margarita - Easy Tequila Cocktail Recipe
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    Tossing fresh raspberries in a blender produces one fabulous summer cocktail. Since you're merely switching out the fruit, the raspberry margarita is just as easy as the strawberry version. The best part is that the berries freeze well, so you can take advantage of berry season and enjoy this drink all year long.

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    Apple Margarita

    Frozen Apple Margarita
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    The apple margarita offers the full flavor of the fruit but adds a tart kick. It's another favorite recipe, and you have several options for making it. In this blended version, you'll enjoy a delicate balance of flavor because it uses both apple liqueur and juice. The cinnamon-sugar rim is a fun addition.

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    Watermelon Margarita

    Fresh watermelon margaritas with mint garnish

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    Featuring the best fruit of summer, a freshly made watermelon margarita is hard to pass up. While this recipe features watermelon, you can use it for any variety of melon or combine multiple melons. There's no blender required (unless you would like it frozen) and this drink is perfect for a summer barbecue.

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    Melon Margarita

    Melon margarita with lime and mint garnishes

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    A stunning green cocktail with a lovely melon flavor, the melon margarita showcases the margarita formula's versatility. In this case, the orange liqueur becomes melon, and for that, you'll likely turn to the great-tasting Midori. It's a quick and uncomplicated spin that can shake up your cocktail routine.

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    Spiced Cranberry Margarita

    Spiced cranberry margarita with orange and cinnamon stick garnish

    The Spruce / Todd Coleman

    Fall flavors shine in this spiced cranberry margarita. It starts with a cinnamon-infused simple syrup and gets its kick from tequila, orange liqueur, cranberry juice, and lime juice. The rim of this glass isn't treated with salt but an orange-slice and cinnamon-stick garnish adds the finishing touch.

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    Peach Margarita

    Frozen peach margarita with peach garnish

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    As you might expect, this delicious margarita is all about the peach. For the peach margarita, you'll double up on the fruit, blending peach schnapps and either a fresh or canned peach with your favorite tequila. The schnapps adds to the sweetness while the fruit gives it a natural flavor. 

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    Catalina Margarita

    Blue catalina margarita recipe

    Joe Vaugn / Getty Images

    It's peachy and blue, so there's a lot to love about the Catalina margarita. As with most margaritas, you can either toss it into the blender or shake it up. Either way, this is a fun and simple recipe that puts a bottle of peach schnapps to use.

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    Pomegranate Margarita

    Pomegranate Margarita Cocktail Recipe
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    Fresh pomegranate and passion fruit combine for a very special margarita. Since pomegranate is a winter fruit, the pomegranate margarita is a brilliant way to brighten up the season. By adding passion fruit juice, you also get a fun, fruity drink with a little extra dimension.

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    Mango Margarita

    Mango margarita

    The Spruce

    Add the bright taste of a mango to your margarita. Essentially, the mango margarita replaces triple sec with a mango liqueur. It's served up but is nice on the rocks as well. And when you spot fresh mangoes at the market, add them to a blended version for a refreshing tropical treat.

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    Hawaiian Margarita

    Hawaiian margarita with pineapple and strawberry garnishes

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    The Hawaiian margarita offers a sweet blended fruit medley. Ideal for summer parties, this recipe uses strawberries and pineapple. Although you can use frozen and canned fruit, you'll find that fresh is best in this cocktail and it's worth a little extra effort.

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    Orange Margarita

    Frozen orange margarita

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    The secret to this yummy frozen orange margarita is orange sherbet. It's an ingredient that you'll rarely use in a cocktail, but it works very well in this recipe. Rather than a citrus-heavy margarita, the ice cream gives the drink a light, semisweet, and creamy taste that is a pure delight on hot days.

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    Bloody Margarita

    Blood orange margarita

    Getty Images / A485

    Not "bloody" like the bloody mary, this recipe uses blood orange. The bloody margarita adds an ounce of fresh blood orange juice to the original margarita. You'll love the sweeter, less acidic citrus taste. It's also the ultimate mood boost for winter when the reddish citrus fruit is at its peak of freshness.

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    Tangerine Margarita

    Tangerine margarita with a lime garnish

    ML Harris / Getty Images

    A delicious twist on citrus margaritas, the tangerine margarita is a delight to drink. The tangerine is sweeter than many other orange varieties, and that adds to the appeal of this recipe.

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    Tamarind-Pineapple Margarita

    Tamarind pineapple margarita

    Gentl and Hyers / Getty Images

    Tamarind and tequila are a match made in bar heaven. This recipe throws a third element into the mix and it's just as charming. The tamarind-pineapple margarita is a frozen recipe with a tropical and refreshing taste. The tamarind nectar you'll need is easy to find at grocery stores.

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    Sour Patch Margarita

    Sour patch margarita

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    When you're ready to really have fun with your margarita, mix up a sour patch margarita. This playful recipe does a fair job of replicating the taste of the sweet-tart candies with its lime tequila, Midori, and orange juice additions. Don't forget the sugar-coated lemon because it completes the candy store experience.

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    Cherry Blossom Margarita

    Japanese cherry blossom margarita

    Steve Horsley / Getty Images

    Tequila is an excellent base for custom flavor infusions, and this recipe requires prickly pear tequila. That will take a couple of days, after which you'll be ready to mix up the cherry blossom margarita. For the drink, you'll need sake, cherry syrup, sour mix, and lemon juice, and it all combines for a very memorable drink.

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    Cranberry Margarita

    Cranberry margarita garnished with an apple slice

    The Spruce / S&C Design Studios

    This cranberry margarita does not focus on that fruit alone. It begins with a homemade apple-cinnamon tequila, which is then mixed with triple sec and cranberry and lime juices. You'll enjoy its seasonal taste and want to share it at all of your autumn and winter celebrations.

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    Christmas Margarita

    White Christmas margarita

    The Spruce / S&C Design Studios

    Celebrate the holidays with a luscious Christmas margarita. It captures favorite flavors of the season in its creamy mix of coconut milk and white cranberry juice adorned with a cinnamon sugar rim. A few cranberries and a rosemary sprig garnish finish it off beautifully.