The 10 Recipes Our Readers Couldn't Stop Making in April

We are leaning into spring and gearing up for Coronation Day, if only for the food

English trifle

Elaine Lemm

April was a big opportunity to celebrate spring, with Easter, Passover, and Eid all falling in the same month. Even if none of those official holidays apply to you, you were probably just happy to see the sun again and, along with it, a brightening of the produce aisle as winter staples like root veggies yielded to tender shoots and leaves. Thank you for your service, butternut squash! We'll let the strawberries and asparagus take it from here.

Though our audience hails mostly from the US, we've noticed that a lot of you were really digging British food this month, and we're betting it has something to do with the upcoming coronation of King Charles III. But whether or not you could give a fig for the monarchy, what's not to love about cucumber tea sandwiches and a trifle bursting with fruit, custard, and whipped cream?

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    Dandelion Honey

    Dandelion Honey From Flowers

    The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

    Did you know that you can play bee for a day and make your own honey? If you have enough dandelions in your yard, you can! Much like those industrious honey bees, you'll flit from flower to flower until you have a bowlful. Then you make a flavorful dandelion tea, add sugar, and simmer until it reduces to a thick syrup. The resulting dandelion "honey" is floral, vegan, and the perfect stand-in for actual honey in everything from tea to oatmeal.

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    Traditional English Trifle

    English trifle

    Elaine Lemm

    The classic English trifle isn't just a feast for the eyes, with its distinct layers of fruit, custard, and whipped cream. It's also a dreamy combination of flavors, with tart fresh fruit (and, in this trifle, Jello or jelly as the Brits call it), a rich vanilla custard, and lightly whipped heavy cream. Ladyfingers or Victoria sponge soak up the fruit juices and almost burst in the mouth with fresh flavor.

    For the most impressive presentation, serve this dessert in a trifle dish, but you can use glass tumblers to make individual trifles. Just make sure your serving vessel shows off those layers!

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    Perfect Scrambled Eggs

    Perfect scrambled eggs recipe

    The Spruce / Julia Estrada

    When it comes to scrambled eggs, it's all in the wrist! Well, and a few other key techniques. Don't worry though. We've got you!

    Whether you're just cooking your own breakfast or want to play short order cook for a brunch with friends or family, knowing how to make perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs is a skill that will take you far. The good news is that it's pretty easy and comes together in a flash. Here's to no more dry eggs.

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    Classic Mint Julep

    Classic Mint Julep Cocktail

    The Spruce Eats/Madhumita Sathishkumar

    The mint julep is a super simple cocktail to make. Unlike many cocktail recipes, this one only contains a single spirit: bourbon whiskey. However, the devil is in the details.

    This drink is all about the ice. You want finely crushed ice, and lots of it. Your cups should be overflowing with ice not only because it chills the drink down quickly and keeps it super cold, but also because you want to dilute that bourbon to allow its flavor and aroma to open up as you sip. Otherwise, you're drinking minty bourbon syrup which, let's be honest, doesn't have the same appeal.

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    Cucumber Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches

    Cucumber Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches

    The Spruce / Loren Runion

    Tea sandwiches might be a little old fashioned, but they're also adorable so they get to stay at the tea party. These cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches are very simple, but they're also highly adaptable. Add herbs to the cream cheese to suit your taste (I like dill and watercress), or if you need big flavors in your life you can even sneak some horseradish into the cream cheese for a provocative bite. We won't tell if you won't.

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    Rosemary-Garlic Lamb Shanks

    Slow-Roasted Rosemary Garlic Lamb Shanks

    The Spruce / Maxwell Cozzi

    These slow-roasted lamb shanks with rosemary and garlic take a long time to cook, but that time is almost completely hands-off. Spend all that free time whipping up spring sides like pan-roasted asparagus or a minty pea puree. Or pour yourself a glass of wine, kick up your feet, and tell everyone to get out of the kitchen because you're "cooking."

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    British Mint Sauce

    Real British mint sauce recipe

    The Spruce / Andrew Bui

    To serve with your lamb shanks (or roast leg of lamb, or rack of lamb...), consider this classic British mint sauce, which adds a welcome tart, herbal brightness to the plate. The recipe couldn't be easier—with just fresh mint, sugar, water, and vinegar, it's hard to imagine a better pairing in both flavor profile and effort level for a showstopping lamb main.

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    Pineapple Tepache

    Pineapple tepache recipe

    The Spruce / Teena Agnel

    If you are new to fermentation, tepache is the perfect recipe to start with. Tepache is a lightly fermented pineapple drink that uses the peel and core of the pineapple, so it's great from a low-waste perspective as well. It only needs two to three days of fermentation time, as opposed to something like kombucha, which can take weeks. With its light sweetness and subtle fizz, tepache is the perfect sipper for warm, sunny afternoons.

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    Dirt Cups

    Individual Pudding Dirt Cups

    The Spruce / Karen Hibbard

    Every dirt cup recipe on the internet wants you to know that dirt cups are a great recipe for kids. I don't know who these "kids" are, but I just want to say that dirt cups can be for people of all ages. Why do kids get to have all the fun? Who doesn't enjoy a good gummy worm moment, or crushed up Oreos on top of chocolate pudding? I vote that we free our inner children this spring and munch on some dirt cups, extra gummy worms on the side.

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    White Wine Sangria

    Simple White Wine Sangria

    The Spruce / Laura Scherb

    This low-ABV tipple is the perfect party drink. It's beautiful to look at, easy to make by the pitcher, and supremely sippable: each serving contains less alcohol than a glass of wine. While red wine sangria gets all the press, white wine sangria is a lovely option for an even lighter drink that pairs with all kinds of salty snacks or grilled mains.