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At The Spruce, we know that an organized life is a better life. We understand that decluttering and organizing are the keys to achieving a sense of balance in an otherwise chaotic world. We recognize that you, our valued readers, care deeply about arranging your space to make your entire home feel more peaceful.

That’s why we’re thrilled to expand our very own storage and organization collection in collaboration with our friends at iDesign from Lowe’s to Amazon. Available online and across stores nationwide, this set of sleek, modern containers is versatile and modular—designed to meet your every organization need. Our editors selected each item carefully, with efficiency and elevated living top of mind.


They’re here. They’re clear. Get organized.

Yes, You Can Achieve Your Organization Goals

If there’s anything we’ve learned in the last couple of years, it’s that organizing our cupboards, freezers, and pantries can actually make us feel better and more at ease. As food editors, we know that all organization problems require physical solutions. Kitchens work hard, ingredients come and go, and adaptable solutions are key to keeping things fresh and orderly. 

People have kitchens. Kitchens need to be contained. And the containers themselves have to look amazing. 

We wanted a storage solution that’s efficient, affordable, adaptable, and clear, so we designed one ourselves. The Spruce Organization Collection will help you achieve all your organization goals.

How to Freeze Produce
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The Genius Reasons Why We Love to Declutter

It’s no surprise that a neat space can actually reduce stress and improve focus. When you’re not struggling to find your things constantly, you save time and energy.

Organized cabinets make cooking easier and more fun. An orderly fridge keeps food fresher and reduces waste, which saves money. Tidy pantries let you see which staples you need in an instant so you only buy what you have to. And when your freezer is decluttered, you can find exactly what you want in seconds - we are looking at you, butter pecan ice cream. Even household chores become more manageable when you can see all your under-the-sink cleaning supplies at a glance.

How to Organize Pantry Items
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Made to Last and Look Good

All of the products in our collection are designed to disappear seamlessly into your decor, transforming your kitchen into the clean, clear, happy space it was meant to be. Here’s what you’ll love about them.

  • Sleek, modern, and transparent—you can always see exactly what’s inside.
  • Shatter-resistant and durable design—lasts through spills, falls, and drops for years of quality use!
  • They’re made with BPA-free plastic so they're safe for storing food.
  • They save space because they stack and nest together easily. They’re designed to fit in any nook or cranny from the itty bitty tray to the big caddy. 
  • With integrated ledges and handles for easy holding, they can easily move food from the fridge to the counter to the kitchen table.
  • Movable partitions let you customize some units to your liking.
Storing Everything In The Kitchen
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Everything. Everywhere. Organized.

As our food editors continue to test and play with our containers, we keep finding new ways to use them around our homes. Here are just a few of the awesome uses we’ve come up with for these endlessly versatile containers. 

  • Turn your fridge into an actual salad bar. Just prep your veggies and store them in our multi-use bins.
  • Make your condiment goals by arranging all your dressings and sauces on our turntable.
  • Easily access those baking utensils using our drawer organizer in your kitchen drawer to wrangle any wayward spatulas and whisks that might be floating around. 

Where to Buy the Spruce Organization Collection

The Spruce Organization Collection is available now at every Lowe's in the US and Canada, in-store and online, as well as online at Amazon.

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