Things to Do With Your Dutch Oven

If you’ve made the splurge and bought a gorgeous Dutch Oven from Le Creuset, Staub, Lodge, or another brand, you’ll want to pull it out at every possible opportunity. Fortunately, this piece of cooking equipment is truly versatile. Use it on the oven, the table, even on the grill or the campfire -- this heavy-duty, heat-resistant vessel does it all.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy your Dutch Oven.

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    Roast a Chicken

    Chicken in Dutch Oven
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     With its high sides and heat conducting properties, an enameled cast iron dutch oven is ideal for creating a moist, evenly roasted chicken. One of our favorites is chef Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Milk, in which chicken is roasted in a flavorful sauce of milk, lemon and sage. 

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    Bake Some Bread

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    One of the latest trends to rock the bread-baking world is the famous "no knead" bread recipe that is baked in a Dutch oven. Turns out, the inside of a Dutch oven with a lid creates the perfect mini-oven for perfectly baking a loaf.'s Southern Food Expert has a great No Knead Dutch Oven Bread recipe. 

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    Pop Some Popcorn

    Kettle Corn
    Jessica Harlan

    A little oil and a handful of popcorn kernels in a Dutch oven, put the lid on, and you'll have fluffy, crunchy popcorn in a matter of minutes. Sprinkle it with sugar to make addictively sweet-and-salty kettle corn. It's a perfect movie night or after-school treat and you don't need a popcorn popper to make it!

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    Make Some Chili

    Jessica Harlan

    Dutch ovens were made for chili, they have a generous capacity for feeding a crowd, they'll simmer your spicy concoction with a nice even temperature, and they're pretty enough to bring the whole thing to the table (or a potluck) to serve it up. You can't go wrong with our Easy Chili Recipe.

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    Fry Up Some Donuts

    Homemade Raised Doughnuts
    The Spruce

    Many cooking experts agree that the best deep fryer is not the electric deep fryers, but a simple Dutch oven. They're big enough to fry big batches at once, and it's easy to maintain the proper temperature, especially with a frying thermometer. Give it a try with a batch of yummy cake donuts, which can be topped with a variety of icings and sugars.

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    Bake a Cobbler


    A pile of seasonal fruit, topped with a biscuit, and baked in your Dutch Oven... dessert perfection! We love this roundup of cobbler recipes, or simply make up your own by tossing sliced fruit with a little bit of sugar and a spoonful of cornstarch to thicken the juices, then top it with your favorite biscuit dough. 

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    Grill Some Beer Brats.

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     If your Dutch oven can withstand the heat of the grill (check with the manufacturer to see what the recommended maximum temperature is), fill it up with beer, sliced onions, and bratwurst. Simmer the sausages for 20 minutes or so, then transfer them right onto the grill to finish cooking and get nice grill marks. It's summertime eating at its best!

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    Stir up Sloppy Joes

    Southwestern Sloppy Joes
    Jessica Harlan

    Your Dutch oven is great browning the meat and making the sauce for a big batch of sloppy Joe filling. It's the perfect game-day meal or for feeding a couple of hungry families. Try our Southwestern Sloppy Joes recipe.